Braised Short Ribs- Welcome to Brett’s Bistro!


For those of you who know us, you’ll know that when it comes to any meal cooked by our Dad, these two words come to mind…. “NAILED IT”. For those of you who don’t know us, what you will need to understand is that he’s an expert recipe tester and perfecter, and knows how to please a hungry crowd. On our blogging journey we will feature some of his recipes along the way and will refer to them as Brett’s Bistro.

This recipe is an adaptation of Rob Feenie’s Short Rib Pasta. Our Dad also made this with his favourite homemade pasta recipe (we will feature some of these at a later date), but you can also serve these as a side dish with mash potatoes, over gnocchi, or whichever way your heart desires (we talked about filling the meat into ravioli, over a pizza.. you catch our drift).

This is the perfect transition dish as we make our way from Winter to Spring.. cravings for comfort food are still lingering yet the idea of fresh green arugula also brings excitement to our taste buds.

Braised Short Ribs
1/2 day cooking time

2 lbs short ribs
2 tbsp oil
3 shallots (finely chopped)
6 cloves garlic (minced)
2 cups red wine (we used a dry French red)
6 cups chicken stock (we used homemade)
8 sprigs fresh thyme
3 bay leaves
1 jar tomato sauce (we used homemade)
4 thai chilies
4 cups arugula (washed and dried)
1 cup of grated parmesan
1/2 cup toasted pine nuts

Prep oven to 350 F. Trim fat from ribs and season with S&P, place in oil in dutch oven. Once oven is to temperature sear ribs for 5-7 minutes. Remove ribs from pan.

Place dutch oven over medium heat burner. Add shallots and garlic once cooked to clear, deglaze with red wine.  Add stock, thyme, bay leaves and place the ribs back in.  Bring to boil. Cover ribs, place in oven and bake for 4-5 hours, turning occasionally until meat falls off the bone. Once you achieve this, remove from oven and allow to cool (approximately 1 hour). Once cooled enough to handle, remove meat from bones.

Now you will make an au-jus. Strain remaining sauce through a sieve into a saucepan. Bring to medium heat and cook until reduced by half (just under 15 minutes). You will need about 1 cup for the au jus for the recipe.

Finely chop your thai chilies, add to your tomato sauce and heat.

Now you are ready to assemble!

We served ours with fresh homemade pasta that we cooked in salted water right before adding to the short ribs.

Combine your au-jus, tomato sauce, short rib meat, arugula, parmesan + pasta noodles. DROOL!

Plate, sprinkle with more CHEESE and your toasted pine nuts – DELISH! Serve with WINE + fresh bread + good company!

Anchors aweigh!

IMG_1561 IMG_1562 IMG_1603 IMG_1623

4 thoughts on “Braised Short Ribs- Welcome to Brett’s Bistro!

  1. Best of luck on your blog. I love the inspiration behind it, design, and your banner:-) Is one of you an experienced photographer? The photos are great! I am combing my way through food blogs tonight to follow and I’ll definitely be following you guys. I started a food/photography blog about 2 months ago and am documenting what I’m learning about food photography along the way as a rookie blogger. I look forward to seeing more beautiful photos.


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