Picture Perfect Snowfall


It’s the end of March, and for most of us, the thought of snow these days, when Spring is supposed to be upon us, becomes dreadful. However, like many things in life, sometimes it’s necessary to stop, and take a moment, to fully realize the beauty in what’s around us. Around Christmas time all we crave is that picture perfect snow fall to give us that warm and fuzzy feeling of the holidays, so when I stepped outside today to see the snow falling, and feel the warm temperatures on my skin, it felt like something that should be embraced and not dreaded. The beauty of the slowly falling flakes seemed like the perfect opportunity to get outside and take some last winter photos.

Working from home frequently, I find myself, most days and nights, in yoga pants and cozy cashmere sweaters, but sometimes, it gets to the point when Ben walks in the door after work at 5pm and I’m still in my “jam jams”. This was beginning to be a reoccurring thing, so recently, I gave my head a shake and have been trying to pull on a pair of jeans and a comfy sweater – this one in particular, because it says “cozy in the front” and “business in the back”.. like a mullet, only the opposite and in sweater format?

Here are some snaps of me walking the dog and enjoying the picture perfect snow fall — outfit details below. IMG_1821 IMG_1849 IMG_1872 IMG_1893 IMG_1917 IMG_1922

Jacket: J.Crew Factory / Scarf: The Gap / Shoes: Ecco / Jeans: J.Crew Factory / Sweater: J.Crew / Necklace: Melanie Lyne / Watch: Daniel Wellington

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