Did I ever tell you you’re my SHE-ro??


Melanie here. Okay, so I was recently introduced to the world of podcasts by the better half of this blog- my big sis Erica. How I had went this long without being immersed in this world is now beyond anything I can comprehend, cause let me tell ya, there is some really good stuff on here! Erica messaged me 4 days ago telling me that I needed to listen to this podcast called “Call Your Girlfriend (CYG)” and the rest is what I like to refer to as my “four-day-binge-lovefest”. I have listened to 12 episodes (they’re approximately 40 minutes long) in the last 4 days, which probably says just as much about my lack of having a healthy habit in my life, as my love for these 2 ladies who are behind CYG. I was hooked from the opening theme song of Robyn’s Call Your Girlfriend, to their closing sign off “see you on the internet”.

I am what Aminatou and Ann (the CYG hosts) would call a baby feminist (according to my age), but have identified as a feminist for what I like to say is as long as I could identify as anything really, but more realistically, what is probably the end of high school and beginning of my ongoing university career, when I truly became aware of what it means and the fact that this wasn’t something that everybody was (which ps. is still so bizarre to me- equality is everything-duh). This realization of my inner-feminist was also followed by the realization that it was important for me to start identifying as so, in my small attempt to fight the bad rap and misconceptions that surround the word “feminist” (we are not man haters ok, jeeze), and get the beautiful and intelligent women (& men) in my life on board (shoutout to all you wonderful ladies and gents).

Any how, I’m pretty sure that I could rant about my passion for feminism and my new, but deep love for the Call Your Girlfriend podcast all day long (exhibit A above), instead, over my last 4 days of binge listening I’ve compiled this short, but important list, of reasons why I’m crushing hard on Call Your Girlfriend:

  • I’m pretty sure Aminatou is my soul sister.
  • They share my love for all things Lena Dunham.
  • It is the ultimate source for contemporary feminism wisdom, these ladies are single handedly rebranding this paradigm.
  • Aminatou encourages listeners to watch the show “The Affair” which I have been doing with everyone I love since it was released, SO PLEASE DO IT, IT ROCKS.
  • It is hilarious. I literally LOL while listening multiple times an episode. (I also find myself agreeing and talking along with them which is only a problem when there are other people in the room).
  • They talk about periods in the best way possible. #realtalk
  • If you know me you know that there are very few things I appreciate more than a good book recommendation and CYG has already been a great source for what’s worth reading, listening to, and watching, about feminism and all things awesome!
  • They use the term “garbage monsters” casually and perfectly.
  • Amina shares my love (and every other young woman on the planet’s love) for the queen T. Swift.
  • They coined (well I’m giving them the credit) the amazing, girl power word shero (s-hero/she-ro- did I ever tell you you’re my sheroooo?? Catch my drift?!)

If this list of reasons isn’t enough to get you to turn on your iPhone (do people even ever turn these things off?!) and subscribe to the CYG feed, then you’re crazy, and there was clearly no hope for you from the beginning.

I’m back to my binge-lovefest.

Anchors aweigh!

P.S. {Erica here. I also binge-listened to CYG. I spend a lot of time in the car- and I have to say -THANK GOD FOR CYG. Here’s my CYG crushing list (on TOP of everything Mel mentioned above):

  • T.Swift lovers- had to mention that again
  • Baby Feminists & Feminist topics alike
  • This week in menstruation
  • Long Distance Besties- All of mine are, so my heart was with this podcast from the opening line
  • They use the sound “UGH” like it’s a word
  • They podcast while tipsy

Anyway, like what Mel said, you just need to download and give it a listen. We [heart] CYG over here!}

One thought on “Did I ever tell you you’re my SHE-ro??

  1. Erica recommended to me a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT. So real, so relatable and Aminatou’s voice might be even deeper than mine. That comforts me. Keep up the recos, ladies! xo


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