Spring on the Farm


It’s been a month since I’ve provided y’all with an update on the McIlquham Ranch. We haven’t been making a ton of progress in the house over the last few weeks, but we have had a few moments to spend enjoying the outdoors and exploring our hundred acres. Here are some snapshots!

My happy face getting home to “The Ranch” after a long week away.
Selfie on the Farm My heart.Love The wall is in for my pantry!!! So pumped!My Pantry

Benny got his Ram a little stuck in the mud in the back field…..Tractor Rut I think he got it stuck so he could use his new pressure washer… excuses, excuses!Mans "best friend"Tired feet up on the ATV after a 30 degree spring day of working in the garden and filling pot holes..

Sunset on “Swanee 2” – my nick name for our pond, named after the “original” Swanee in Botwood, NL.Swanie 2Our corn field finally getting tilled!
Tillin' Dressed up in my new fav dress from Joe Fresh.Spring Benny found a “honey hole” — two antlers in the same vicinity!

Found a Honey Hole A painted turtle.Painted Turtle Enjoying a cold whistle with our latest finds.Exploring VIA ATV The pool.. needs some love- can’t wait to fix this baby up!

Pool in need of loveAnchors aweigh!

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