Triple Threat Coconut Cupcakes


In celebration of Mom’s birthday today we’re sharing a coconut cupcake recipe! Mom is the ultimate lover of anything and everything coconut so naturally I gravitated towards this recipe for her birthday cake. These cupcakes are not only topped with toasted coconut but incorporate coconut extract in the cake batter, and are filled with a flaked coconut filling- hence the triple threat.

This was my first time making a filled cupcake, and it was surprisingly easy and super delicious! I normally stray from baking cakes that involve a boxed cake mix as the base, but because I made these in a time crunch for a get together we had for Mom over the weekend, efficiency was prioritized and let me tell you, taste was not compromised.

If you’re a lover of coconut I’d highly recommend this recipe!

Recipe adapted from: Crazy For Crust

The filling (coconut and sweetened condensed milk) sinks to the bottom of the cupcake during baking.IMG_8258

Final product pre-icing.IMG_8263

Rolling the iced cupcakes in toasted coconut- so pretty!IMG_8266

Ready to eat!

Anchors aweigh!

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