Monday Linens & White Peonies


Apparently I have a thing for Spring scented flowers. It’s almost perfect timing that when our lilac tree starts to turn brown the peonies begin to bloom in Mom’s garden. Currently the white peony bush is standing tall with beautiful big blooms that not only look gorgeous but smell like another version of Spring heaven. We’re waiting patiently for the magenta bush to bloom in the back of the yard- so stay tuned for an outfit post with that little guy in the background.

I recently purchased these white linen pants and have been waiting for the right occasion to wear them. The weather this morning felt like a Summer day in Newfoundland, with lots of sun and a refreshing breeze, a combination that called for me to bring out the linens. I have a hard time with wide leg pants, linen ones especially, as they tend to be too long for my shortness. I made due with wedges and still having to cuff them a couple of times, but I didn’t mind the outcome!






Linen Pants//Shirt (similar)//Shoes (similar)//Bracelet

Anchors aweigh!

2 thoughts on “Monday Linens & White Peonies

  1. Hey Mel! I love your outfit. So jealous your mom’s peonies have bloomed. Mine haven’t yet! I’ve nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award. Just head over to my blog to check out the rules!


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