Progress @ The Ranch


The last few weeks we have made a lot more progress at The Ranch. It had been slow going up until now just because it was a lot of tedious work such as plumbing, electrical, etc. and we are SUPER happy to have everything “in the walls” top notch but coming to the house day after day there wasn’t much visual change. It’s been 6 months since we took possession (WOW!) so last night when we stopped by the house to see the progress of the dry-wallers, tears came to my eyes. It’s SLOWLY starting to look like a real home, and we built it all! What a feeling!

I wanted to share with all of you some snap-shots of the progress from the last little while. Ben made a good point the other day that I should have marked a spot on the floor and taken photos from the same spot each time, but I didn’t.. so here is a mish-mash of our work from the last few weeks.

Throughout this whole process we have been using different methods to figure out various layouts. Photos on the internet, different room layout apps and this handy method with tape! By doing this and leaving the tape out for a few days it gave us an idea for the feel and flow of our kitchen.

Pre- Insulation

We haven’t been doing too much work in the garden, but just trying to keep everything alive and looking clean around the house. Next year will be gardening year. I was super excited to see these little buds pop up!FullSizeRender

Our hood vent installed, those beams that are covered in plastic will be staying exposed.IMG_2707Post- insulation!!!!  🙂 Same room, different angle as the first picture above. What you are looking at here is the guest bathroom and our walk in closet on the other side. the weird shaped wall is structured so that our claw foot tub will fit, yet still maximize our walk in closet space on the other side.IMG_2762 Dry wall delivered!!!! Eek!


The other side of the hood vent now has a custom stainless cover crafted by a steel worker here in Kingston. I’m hoping that he will be making my future zinc bar top as well. 
We went a little crazy with the Roxul. Roxul is a sound and fire-proofing insulation. We had spray foam installed in all of the exterior walls, but then because the house is a hundred years old (AKA thin walls and creaky floors) we decided to roxul between floors and interior walls in hopes that when we are downstairs we won’t hear people walking upstairs and between rooms, like the laundry room and living room. This was a super messy, itchy job and I am happy to see the end of it!

Ben cut down some ugly trees that were planted between the house and the pool house. It really opened up the back yard space and now we have a beautiful un-obstructed view out that big living room window to the left.

The first bit of dry wall is up!!! This brought tears to my eyes last night when I saw it. This is our third floor loft space. When we first move in we will likely use it as a multi-purpose space (storage, work outs, EXTRA CLOSET), but eventually we will probably turn it into a guest bedroom of some sort.. oh, the possibilities!FullSizeRender[1]FullSizeRender[2]It’s amazing the progress they can make in one day! Our house has walls!!!! What? Once the dry wall is all finished I will give you all an update, but for now follow us on Instagram @anchoredtotheeast or my personal account @ericaemma1 for live updates of McIlquham Ranch!

Anchors aweigh!

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