Clearing the View


This past weekend we had the whole fam-jam down helping to clear brush and get rid of a bunch of trees to make our view from the house to the back 100 acres better. We spent over ten hours chipping on both Saturday & Sunday.. lots of sweat equity but the result is glorious! You might be asking yourself, “Why are these people spending a whole weekend working outside when they don’t even have a liveable house inside yet?” WELL…. it’s because the dry wall is still in progress, so our work inside is taking a standstill right now until that is finished. Also chipping and clearing brush is such a hot and sweaty job we wanted to spend a weekend doing it before the heat of the summer kicked in. THANK GOODNESS for Ben’s dad’s tractor and AMAZING chipper.. we don’t know what we would have done without it. Here are some pics from Saturday’s job.

Two tractors to get the job done right. One with the chipper, the other with a dump wagon to load the chips. We did 7 loads of chips, plus a ton that we just sent directly into some softer areas of the woods. IMG_2859

Our view slowly coming along, this used to all be blocked by a line of trees..IMG_2819 Ben pulling some heavy stuff.IMG_2829 Ben & Momma Bear with the barns in the background.IMG_2848 TeamworkIMG_2843 Enjoying the shade of the birch treeIMG_2820 Team pic (Ben, Momma Bear, Papa Bear, Rosco, Katie & Me)IMG_2865The back of our house, pool still in rough condition but couldn’t resist a pic of those blue skies! IMG_2860Anchors aweigh!

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