Paint, Marble & More Progress


Ben and I just had a week off and got some serious progress done at the house! It’s slowly starting to look like a place that someone may actually want to live, wow! Here are some progress pictures!

Ceiling of our master bath shower installed! Can’t wait to see the rest of the walls go in after we paint! The shower is made by Kohler and we special ordered it through Lowes. It took almost two months to get it because a few of the parts got held up at the border. So order early if you are considering installing something similar!


Getting ready for paint I bought samples of both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore to decide which we liked best. After much debate and consultation with many others we are going with Benjamin Moore Regal in Eggshell, White Wisp OC-54. In the photo below it is the one of the left of the centre board. The boards on either side are samples of greens and blues I am looking at for the mudroom and my office, respectively (more on that later).
FullSizeRenderOnce we decided on Benjamin Moore I bought 4 other samples of various whites to compare White Wisp to. I wanted to make sure we definitely wanted it since the whole house is going to be painted that “colour”. If you live in Kingston, Kingston Paint has samples of all Benjamin Moore colours for $2.99/jar and they are mostly all pre-mixed so you can pop in and grab your samples in minutes. It’s worth the investment if you are unsure. After comparing we decided to stick with our original selection of White Wisp. I have been using the Houzz app a lot to research for the house, you can search a specific paint colour and see real life examples of those colours in real rooms to give you a look and feel.IMG_0462In the process of prepping our house for paint I salvaged these amazing light switch covers, why don’t they make anything this nice anymore? I’m going to spray paint them to clean them up before re-installing
IMG_0360I had to add this picture of Benny. He has been on this ongoing battle against a beaver that we have who continues to dam up our culvert and is causing some of our land to stay too wet for the hay to grow…. #biosteelIMG_0354Ben’s Uncle Jimmy has been kind enough to help us with the painting, so we have been using his sprayer. It’s amazing the quality, coverage and speed that this thing works at! If we had been ready for it we could have done the whole house in one day. The longest part of spraying is the preparation, had to plastic all of the windows and cover any floors & walls we don’t want painted. The house also has to be free of any dirt because the sprayer may blast the dirt off the floors and back onto the wet walls which you don’t want. We have been going behind the sprayer and rolling out the primer to get a more even finish. This week we start with our actual paint, which we will do the same way.IMG_0420The loft, post-primer.IMG_0408The old sunroom which will now be our dining room, used to be robins egg blue, now sprayed with primer. For primer, we went with Para Contracter Primer & Sealer (we needed this for all of our dry wall), we bought it in 5 gallon jugs from Lowes for $55.99 while they were having a 15% off when you spend over $300 dollars. We bought 5 jugs but only used 4. Because it was a cheaper paint we strained it with a paint strainer and it worked out perfectly!IMG_0457This is a panoramic view of our living room which had wood paneling, unfortunately we didn’t do our research and when we sprayed on the latex primer the stained colour from beneath started coming through.. thus why it looks slightly yellow. We went and talked to the paint experts and they told us to cover it with an oil based primer.IMG_0426Since the sprayer doesn’t work well with oil based paints, yesterday I rolled and hand painted the walls.. now they are white and ready to be “wisped”!IMG_0502In efforts to salvage the detailed and beauty of our main staircase I have been stripping them of paint and glue. I came across this great and very toxic product called Glue Buster which has been working like a charm! Here is the affect it has on the paint, which I then gently scrap to remove the paint and glue and expose the wood.IMG_0465Here is the staircase after my first round.. still lots to be done, but it’s coming along.IMG_0492Our masonry worker breaking a whole in the old cistern in our basement to make room for a wine cellar. *HAPPY*
IMG_0469Yesterday Ben & his brother started laying our tiling. We are doing a very similar marble in all three of our bathrooms. Here is the powder room, pre-grout. Our master is being done with this same tile but in a herringbone pattern (more on that later).And here is the guest bathroom pre-grout, these tiles are 12×12 iceberg marble.


That’s all the updates for now! This week after work we are painting and grouting, not sure how far we will get on anything else!

What do you think?

Anchors aweigh!

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