Stuffed & Smoked Whole Fish


Last week Ben & I were on holidays and although most of our “vacation” was spent working on our house we were able to sneak out to the Lake slightly early (5pm) on the Monday before Canada Day and enjoy the stellar weather and cook up a little something on the smoker. We decided to try our hands at a whole stuffed fish because we figured for two people it would cook faster than slow cooking a more heartier meat. It turned out great! Here is the recipe.

Firstly get the smoker going up to approximately 350 degrees.
1 whole trout (enough for two, was about 1 foot long)
1 container of pre-mixed antipasto mix from the refrigerator section of the grocery store.. ours had feta, olives, mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes with oil
1 lemon, sliced thin

We laid the fish in aluminum foil and stuffed with our antipasto mix. Then, I squeezed the juice of half a lemon over the fish and topped the fish with the other half of lemon, sliced thin. Seasoned the fish generously with salt and pepper and topped off the little package with a few strands of fresh tarragon.


We then loosely wrapped up the fish but wanted it open slightly to achieve the smokey flavour. IMG_3213 We smoked the fish for about 30 minutes.

IMG_3220I also cut up some fresh veggies and threw them on the smoker near the end to grill them up slightly as our side dish. Nothing better than grilled veggies in the summer! You could also do these on kabobs if that’s what you’re in to.IMG_3218Our finished fish! The olives inside turned out so good, we are currently chatting about a recipe where we can smoke olives and cheese as an appetizer next time we are at the lake!IMG_3224Bon appétit! IMG_3201Anchors aweigh!

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