Couples That Forage Together, Stay Together


After a few warm nights at the lake our favourite time of year has finally arrived! Mushroom season!!! The last few years we have been foraging for chanterelle mushrooms at the beginning of the summer (in and around Canada day) in the forest at the lake. The week we were on vacation the weather was just too cool and wet, so I think the combination the cool/wet the week prior and then the warm dry this week has caused the to sprout!! Here are some pics of our mushroom hunt on Saturday afternoon.

Ben’s mom also found another variety that we weren’t sure about, so she snapped a picture and sent it to her brother Billy to find out what they were.. we were disheartened to know we hadn’t picked them because they were black chanterelles! We may be tempted to drive back to the lake tonight to pick them up for dinner 🙂

Last night we had a delish mushroom risotto with these gems..     heaven and a chardonnay.

IMG_3494 IMG_3492 IMG_3484 IMG_3482 IMG_3475 IMG_3471 IMG_3465 IMG_3462 IMG_3496Anchors aweigh!

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