Reliving Our Wedding


Last September Ben and I got married at his parents farm in Kingston and this past Thursday our wedding was featured in the Eastern Ontario/Quebec version of Wedding Bells Magazine. PROUD MOMENT!! We thought that this might be the perfect time here at Anchored to the East to showcase some of the pictures from the day taken by the AMAZING Adelita Rose Photography

The fun started in May when Ben’s parents decided that we would fix up the barn for the wedding.. we thought it would take a month or so….    ended up taking the full summer. Every weekend, and every day for Ross, were spent cleaning, repairing, painting, laying floors, electrical, etc. etc. The result was spectacular and we will be forever grateful!

When trying to brainstorm and figure out what “theme” we wanted for the wedding.. we had some ideas but couldn’t quite figure out something specific so we decided to just roll with our ideas and loop in things that we love.. which we ended up calling “woodland nautical”.

I had the best time putting together everything for the day and I actually miss doing it! If anyone in the Kingston area needs help planning their wedding – let me know! 🙂

Here we go…FullSizeRender

My mum, the girls and I got ready at the BEAUTIFUL Whitney Manor Ben and I also spent our wedding night here.

I hand painted the bridal parties names onto these small champagne bottles and tied them with straws. These and the robes were part of my gifts to the girls.

Ben and Erica - abc039 We strung the barn with “restoration hardware” style edison bulbs for glow. Ben’s dad and uncles built all of the tables. All of our guests sat on white chairs ordered from Kingston Party Centre who helped us get the chairs we wanted in a pinch after Rise to the Occasion canceled my order DAYS before the wedding- HORRIBLE service… steer clear my Kingston friends. Ben and I sat on a bench together draped with a buffalo hide..  I know, romantic!Ben and Erica - abc098 The table runners were cut and ironed down to fit each table by our dear family friend Melinda. The napkins I purchased in bulk off of the internet (cheaper than ordering through a rental company). We bought the table runner fabric at various Fabric Land locations across Ontario. Each female guests seat was draped with a pashmina scarf. I did this to both add colour and texture to the barn, but to also help if the weather was chilly.. which it totally was! Thank goodness for the scarves!Ben and Erica - abc100The majority of the flowers for the wedding were grown by Ben’s Aunt’s Mandy and Lizzie, mostly dahlias and hydrangeas. The tables were covered in a curly moss to add a whimsical feel. The greenery used was cut from around the property and a mix of pine, rosemary, sage and mint. The vases were a combination of a bunch of pieces I collected over the months leading up to the wedding. The one pictured here is a water tumbler from Pier 1 and the rest were crystal type vases from various antique and second hand stores that I spray painted in gold for an antique feel. Ben and Erica - abc102 We used antlers collected from Ben and his dad’s annual four wheeling trip where they drive around in the bush looking for sheds. We had almost a hundred battery operated pillar candles and strings of wire lights that we embedded around all of the moss to give the look of fire flies.Ben and Erica - abc106 The name plates were pieces of wood cut up that I hand painted each guests name onto. We saved all of the original  nails that we removed throughout the barn renovation and I used these to prop up the name plates.Ben and Erica - abc108Our wedding favour was a jar of honey harvested off of Ben’s Grandma/Aunts property which is attached to Ben’s parents land. On one our first dates Ben said “You’re the bees knees” so we used this to label the honey jars and topped each jar with a patch of blackwatch tartan to fit the feel of the wedding. We also had custom beer kozies made up that were placed around the buckets of beer and the bar, they had our names, wedding date and “the hunt is over” with a photo of antlers on them. Half were printed in camo and  half in navy blue.Ben and Erica - abc111 The candle holders were rimmed with gold and a rope handle, I found these at Target in Canada and believe I visited every Target in Ontario within those few weeks trying to gather enough. We placed bottles of San Pelligrino on the tables to satisfy thirsty guests and because they just looked so darn pretty with the rest of the decor 🙂Ben and Erica - abc127 Around the barn we placed antlers and other nautical art work that we had. I also got a bunch of posters printed with various nautical and love quotes on them that we placed in various spots around the barn to add colour and so we could “feel the love”.Ben and Erica - abc126For dessert we served cheese platters on each table, then we had a sweets table at the side of the dance floor that people could pick at throughout the evening. We also served fried chicken and waffles as our late night eats. The dessert table was a combination of all of our favourite things. Homemade goodies, mushroom chocolates imported from France, custom truffles on a stick with an image of antlers painted on them from British Columbia (, Chomeur from Pan Chancho, donuts from The Golden Rooster, and the list goes on. Ben’s sister Kate made our BEAUTIFUL wedding cake- how talented is our family??
Ben and Erica - abc123The boys looked amazing in their kilts.. Ben and Erica - abc170 Our bouquets were spectacular! They were HUGE.. felt like I was carrying a giant bush but I loved it! The ribbon tied around the handle was blue and white striped. I got the ribbon from Creative Bag in Pickering.Ben and Erica - abc228 It poured rain all day.. right before the ceremony, although still quite cold, the sun came out! We were able to have our ceremony outside. All summer we cut the grass to create an aisle and ceremony spot in front of the pond. So happy we got to use it.. picture perfect!Ben and Erica - abc265 One of my favourite shots of our guests enjoying the ceremony.Ben and Erica - abc282 Being early September we thought the weather was going to be so great that our guests would want to play games. We had various home made games set up on the lawn, here is a shot of three sets of corn hole.. too bad it was so cold that day.Ben and Erica - abc331 Signs hand painted on wood to show our guests where to go.Ben and Erica - abc337 For the cocktail hour we had a spread of Oysters from Mike Mundells….. it was spectacular! They were set up on an antique wagon and besides being picture perfect,  seemed to be a favourite amongst guests. I mean who wouldn’t want an aphrodisiac at a wedding?! All of the wine from the wedding was from the wonderful Lighthall VineyardsBen and Erica - abc338 I love any time in my rubber boots so this picture was a must.. and turned out to be one of my favourite pictures from the day.Ben and Erica - abc381We had planned on doing all of our group photos before the ceremony so we could enjoy cocktail hour but unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate… As you can see it clouded over again once the ceremony finished.Ben and Erica - abc373We had other details not pictured here, we had Big Love Balls rolling around on the lawn for guests to take photos with.We had custom cocktail napkins printed. We had sparklers for our guests to play with at dark. We had glass and rope lanterns (different than the ones on the table) scattered around the property for light at night. We had the stalls in the barn cleaned out and candles everywhere for guests to have their drinks and take photos below the hay loft. Unfortunately some of these details went unnoticed because the weather was so horrible.. but I’ll never forget them.Ben and Erica - abc479To see more pics from our day check out this slide show that I put together;

Anchors aweigh!

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