Botwood, Northern Arm, Phillip’s Head & Point Leamington


It has been a week since I’ve been back from my trip to Newfoundland and I already want to go back! Our parents are both originally from Botwood, Newfoundland so I’ve been lucky to visit quite a few times before- but I have to say that this was my favourite trip to The Rock thus far! I think it was a combination of getting older and being able to appreciate more of the Newfie culture and camaraderie (and of course being able to indulge in some East coast beers and liquors) and also getting to see more of the island than I ever had before. We had the opportunity this trip to do some more tourist type things which we normally wouldn’t and I got to experience lots of Newfoundland firsts-cod jigging, whale sightings, Fogo Island touring (stay tuned for a post on this later in the week), and all of this touring only made me want to see more of the island- already mentally planning for my next trip!

With all that being said, Botwood, has and will always be the home base for us. It’s a very small town but has some of the best people, views, and blue berries you could ever want! A trip to Newfoundland wouldn’t be the same without this little piece of heaven- take a look below at some of the snapshots from Botwood and surrounding towns of Northern Arm, Phillip’s Head, and Point Leamington.

This is my “you know you’re in Newfoundland when” signIMG_9074Dad fishing on the bank at Pop’s old cabin.IMG_9091Selfies with cousin Sam on the beach at Nan’s place. imageOld gun battery in Phillip’s head was cool to walk through.

Taking advantage of the nice weather for a stroll on Killick Island, Botwood.


Abandoned building in Phillip’s Head.

IMG_9122View from a fishing hole just outside of Botwood.IMG_9154Dad testing his luck at Mill River in Point Leamington (unfortunately no salmon biting). IMG_9176 IMG_9178Family selfies before Botwood Day on the base.


Campfires on Nan’s beach are one of the top moments from every Newfoundland trip.

The best sunsets in the world from Nan’s backyard.IMG_9906 IMG_9908

Anchors aweigh!

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