Cod & Lobster & Crab OH MY!


In addition to the breathtaking scenery and being home to the friendliest people on the planet, Newfoundland also has some of the best eats on the East coast, another reason that makes vacationing there such a treat! From the berries to the fish, all of it just seems to have so much more flavour than what we can get here in Ontario, even the strawberries my Pop picked while we were there were more red and juicier. Something about that salt water air I tell ya!

According to the locals, this Summer in particular, has been a cod fish gold mine, the most plentiful they’ve seen it in years. Which made for an amazing time cod jigging and could turn anyone into a fisherman/woman (I seriously contemplated this lifestyle after pulling in multiple decent sized cod fish in a matter of minutes- more on this tomorrow!). Take a look below at how we enjoyed some of our favourite Newfie treats!

There weren’t many bake apples to be found while we were there but the few we got were tasty!

IMG_9138Newfoundland blueberries in our pancakes for one of our breakfasts in Twillingate.
IMG_9599A few trout my Dad and Pop caught- aren’t they beautiful?! And they’re tasty fried up!
IMG_9135IMG_9141It wouldn’t be an Elliott vacation without deep frying a turkey- my Dad has a bit of an obsession with this.IMG_9205I love this shot of the capelin drying in Uncle Phil and Mike’s yard in Twillingate.
IMG_9223There was no shortage of cod while we were on the Rock- we ate it in all of its many delicious forms- pictured here are the tongues from some of the cod fish we caught in Twillingate being fried up by Uncle Mark- if you can get past the “tongue” part these are some tasty little nugget by’s.imageCod done the classic way-fish n’chips.IMG_9590

Pan fried cod for the Elliott family fish fry in Nan’s backyard- Uncle Mark is the master of fish frying.
imageCod in yet another form- au gratin.
We were so lucky to get to eat some of the most delicious meals of our trip in Twillingate, on our last night there Uncle Phil and Mike treated us to a scoff of lobsters, crab legs, and mussels- how much better does it get?!
IMG_9714 IMG_9729


Anchors aweigh!

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