Salt Water Joys


Cod jigging in Twillingate was probably the highlight of my Newfoundland trip! For those of you that don’t know, jigging is a form of fishing where you use a hand line with a hook on the end….no reel involved here ladies and gents! It was a first for me and most certainly won’t be a last! We are so lucky to have family with a beautiful home and boat in Twillingate and who are willing to put up with our crazy mainlander excitement of getting out on the water and trying to catch our year-long supply of cod fish.

I must confess that a big reason why I probably loved the jigging was because the fish were so plentiful this year and it was actually a struggle to get your line to the bottom before getting a bite…I’m not sure I would have been so excited if I had to be out there all day to get our 15 fish (the fisheries put this limit on 1 boat, or 5 per person). But the fish were being hauled into the boat one after another and none of us could take the smile off our faces! (My uncles caught their 15 fish in 12 minutes 1 morning…12 minutes! That’s less than a minute per fish! INSANE!!)

Anyways, what I’m basically saying is that I give you all permission to call me fisherwoman Melanie from here on out!

My first cod fish! Too bad the picture cut him off cause he was a nice sized little guy!
IMG_9298I don’t think Uncle Mike can smile any bigger! Proud of his catch! (I’d like to point out that this was not his first fish…he had a scoplin on the line for quite some time before)

IMG_9315The stage where you do all of the cleaning and filleting of the fish…cute right??

IMG_9273Dad enjoying the view.
IMG_9320We hit a gold mine of cod!!

IMG_9351Somebody’s got to clean the boat…


And so the real fun begins…image

Gutting, de-tongueing and filleting our catch!IMG_9366

The ingenious trap door where all of the fish guts go straight into the ocean.IMG_9372

Action shot! Flying fish guts!

More fileting fun! You can only imagine the smell in this place…IMG_9387

While they were filleting I was giving the fish a couple of fun last seconds being whole!IMG_9401

Trying my hand at filleting…it’s way harder than it looks!IMG_9403

Can’t wait to eat these delicious filets! I think we are going to have to start coming up with some creative ways to eat cod…IMG_9410

Anchors aweigh!

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