Havin’ a Time in Twillingate


Yesterday I talked all about the fun we had cod jigging in Twillingate- but our time spent in this beautiful town was filled with much more than just that! We got to explore many of the breathtaking sites and hiking trails in the area and let me tell ya- there’s no shortage of these around!

Another first Newfoundland experience happened for me while we were exploring some of the waterfront by boat-whale sightings! We actually had one sighting of minke whales while on a beautiful hike around Spiller’s Cove and another humpback whale sighting while we were cod jigging- this time was really cool we got to see them blow out of their spout and everything! As you can see by the numerous pictures below I had a hard time narrowing down our shots- there’s just too many beautiful sites to see in Twillingate!

On our way into Twillingate we stopped here because they have a preserved whale skeleton down by the shore- but we ended up taking pictures with the fishermen instead!


IMG_9220A view of Uncle Phil and Mike’s beautiful retiree oasis-their home and guest suite/garage- we were so lucky to get to spend some time here-it is absolutely beautiful!

IMG_9241Mom and I at the beginning of our climb up Pike’s Arm- obligatory “Newfoundland flag photo”

IMG_9677The view from the top of the climb-everything is so lush!

IMG_9653Group selfie at the top of Pike’s Arm!

Back in Twillingate- the view from Uncle Phil and Mike’s place with a low tide- pretty unreal right?IMG_9239Another quick stop we made on our way to buy dory boat models from the sweetest local man.

IMG_9620Enjoying the great weather in Twillingate on the back deck.


And our hike of Spiller’s Cove ensues!

IMG_9527I mean- come on!! I could look at this all day!IMG_9506

IMG_9494The colour of the water makes you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise.

IMG_9486Rocky beaches- no sand to be found. “The Rock” really lives up to it’s name.



IMG_9638I know I said before that the best sunsets in the world were from Nan’s backyard in Botwood but I think they might have some new competition…

I love this shot- you can see the sun setting in the window in the place on the right.IMG_9751Anchors aweigh!

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