Day Trip to Fogo Island


My last post from my vacation spent on the East coast is dedicated to the beautiful island of Fogo. Heading back to Botwood form our time spent in Twillingate we decided to make a pit stop in Fogo. This was the first time I have ever been, but what I am hoping won’t be the last- it was a beautiful place with unbelievable architecture and lots of local art. It’s about a 45 minute ferry ride over to the island, and then there are 7 little towns on the island of Fogo- we explored 4 of them- Tilting, Joe Batt’s Arm, Seldom and the fishing community of Fogo. (Just to give you an idea to drive the length of the whole island is only a little over 30 minutes).

Fogo has recently been recognized for the construction of its newest hotel which has really acted as a revitalization project for the community. A woman originally from Fogo Island, made some good investments in an online company and when she was able to retire at 43, a millionaire, she decided to invest some of this money back into her community by building this inn and promoting all things local-including media, art, and food. Read more about her here. I can’t begin to explain how beautiful the Fogo Island Inn is- from the outside architecture, to the interior design, and down-home Newfoundland feeling you get when you walk in the doors. Her team did an amazing job at conceptualizing such a luxurious (apparently on average its upwards of $800 for 1 night- many people have been flying in on helicopters to sometimes just eat or stay here!) but still truly local Newfoundland spot. I hope someday to be able to stay here! (You can see more on the Inn here and here).

Take a look at some of our travels around Fogo Island!

One of the small local art studios in Tilting- the architecture is absolutely stunning!

IMG_9793Stopped for lunch at Nicole’s Cafe- highly recommended! All locally sourced food- we had calamari, turkey soup, a burger, and a crab panini!image

The Fogo Island Inn- breathtaking right?? It is located in the town of Joe Batt’s Arm.

IMG_9798Family selfies in front of the Fogo Island Inn.

The lobby of the Inn.IMG_9810The art gallery open to the public inside the Inn.

IMG_9819And the library- the shelves are stocked with mostly local authors.

IMG_9822Mom enjoying taking a break inside the Inn.



IMG_9856Walking across the bog on a boardwalk to another small artist studio in the town of Fogo.image

Wishing I was an artist so I could stay here for a few months- what a view!


Fogo Head Trail- one of the four corners of the Earth as declared by the Flat Earth Society- yet another reason to visit Fogo- bucket list check!

IMG_9873Anchors aweigh!

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