August Ranch Updates


It’s nearing the end of August already?!? Where did the summer go? Originally we had plans to try to move into “The Ranch” this September but I have a feeling that is NOT going to happen. We have still been working there every weekend and Ben has been there basically every evening after work but the things we are working on seem to be a lot more tedious and SLOW GOING than expected.

So here are some pics of what we have been up to at the Ranch since my last update! Enjoy!

My sister-in-laws boyfriend, Andrew, has a drone- HOW COOL IS THAT?!? Here is an aerial shot of The Ranch. LOVE!

Our fields got hayed! Looks so much cleaner around with the freshly cut grass!


We have been LOVING the pool!IMG_1206IMG_0756We finally got our primo BBQ (one of our AMAZING wedding gifts) set up and it’s been great cooking up a couple of meals poolside! It’s not the easiest to host without a kitchen, but we have been making the best of it! Here is Benny lighting it up for the first time.. it will never look that white again… *sigh*
IMG_1169Our stainless steel beam got installed in the kitchen as extra support. Originally we didn’t think we would need something like this because the wooden beams are so substantial but unfortunately when we took the jack posts out we noticed a bit of sag. We had this beam custom made and wanted it to match the oven– the island will be built around this so we are hoping it “disappears” once the island goes up!

The bathrooms are slowly coming along.. Here is the first stage of installation for our master bathroom shower..IMG_1076And here it is all done! I LOVE it!IMG_1208Sink is in but not hooked up yet- toilet still to come.

Claw foot tub for the guest bathroom — there will also be a shower in here.


The slow journey of stripping our stairs..
IMG_1085Stairs are almost done.

IMG_1210Anchors aweigh!!

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