Iceberg Beer + Checkered Scarf


As you know after last week on the blog, basically our whole family went back home to The Rock for a family vacation. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go back to my birth province with them so they brought a little taste of it back for me. Iceberg Beer made by Quidi Vidi Brewery is DELISH and it’s made with 25,000 year old iceberg water. I hope the LCBO starts stocking it soon because every sip took me closer to Newfoundland.

Here are some pics of me sipping a cold bottle of Iceberg beer in my favourite new scarf I found on the back of a shelf, on sale, at The Gap. Big scarves are perfect for a slightly cool summer night because you can wrap them around you when the breeze picks up, maybe it’s because I’m a fall baby.. but I love this look. I couldn’t find the scarf online to link it for you but you might find one at your local Gap if you dig around the sale racks! I scored this one for under $5.IMG_3616 IMG_3620 IMG_3617 IMG_3614 IMG_3621 IMG_3623Anchors aweigh!

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