Peach Pie Squares


I think we can all agree that Ontario peaches are just a little bit of heaven on Earth. I could probably eat a scary amount of them within a day and still not be over how deliciously juicy they are!! We’ve went through a few baskets here within the last couple of weeks and while most of them have just been eaten straight up we have ventured to make a crisp and these peach pie squares. Sometimes you have to get a little creative when they start to get really soft quite quickly and this recipe is a perfect way to use up the last couple of peaches in the basket!

The recipe for these squares can be found on Sally’s Baking Addiction. I followed the directions as stated- the only thing to note is that they said to use 2 medium peaches and I ended up using 4- but you can base this off of how much peach you’re actually getting off once you peel and chop them, and also how much you love peaches! One more note- the creamy vanilla glaze might not seem necessary but trust me it made a world of a difference- sent these squares over the edge into tasty-ville!

Here are some snaps of the squares in the making:

Putting together the bottom layer- it smelled like Fall because of the cinnamon and I didn’t hate it.



Bottom is ready for the oven!IMG_9923

Whisking up the filling that will eventually contain all of the delicious peaches!IMG_9931


Crumble is added to the top and its back in the oven for these guys!IMG_9941

Drizzled with the creamy vanilla glaze.IMG_9951

The final product is just peachy keen!


Anchors aweigh!!

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