Bon Voyage


My best friend jetted off on a 2 1/2 month adventure to China and Thailand today, and although it is going to be weird without her here for that long (this is the longest we have ever been apart) I am so excited and proud of her for embarking on this journey on her own! As you might guess there was no way I could send her off without a proper good-bye, which is what led me to throwing her a Bon Voyage get together! (Her birthday is also the 6th of September- so consider this a combination excuse to throw a party!). It was a great night; from the surprise look on her face when she entered, to the infinite photo booth opportunities seized by all! When you get this fun of a group together you’re destined to have a good time!

The food for the party was majority supplied by all of my wonderful girlfriends but I did manage to put together a few, what I thought to be Asian themed dishes. My favourite (and most simplest of them all) was probably the candy sushi!

I made a regular batch of rice krispie squares (just a little thiner than you would typically make the squares) which required:

Rice krispies

Mini marshmallows



Then once they sat overnight I topped them with a Swedish Fish candy (you can buy these in bags at any convenience or grocery store- but surprisingly not in bulk) and a strip of Fruit by the Foot Fruit Roll-Up (if you can find a package of strictly green ones that would be preferable- I had a heck of a time trying to find that so ended up having to buy a mix box of Colour-by-the-Foot and just cutting the green foot out of each and into tiny strips).

The rice krispies are supposed to be the rice patty, the Swedish Fish are the raw fish of the sushi, and the Fruit by the Foot is the seaweed that holds it all together.



Get ready for some Photo Booth fun!!
















We miss you already Lindsay!

Anchors aweigh!

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