Stairs, FLOORING, exposed brick and the start of a KITCHEN!


Work at the Ranch has still been moving SLOOWWWWLLLY but surely! This post will update you on our stairs which we FINALLY finished, our flooring (EEK!) and the start of our kitchen…

So, as per my previous post you know that these stairs have taken SOO long. Stripping, sanding, scraping, sanding, rubbing, varnishing, painting, tack clothing, on and on and on. They are finally finished, they look rustic-ly fine and now I’m on the hunt for the perfect runner.

Before we put our flooring in we installed some faux-brick on some of the walls. We bought this brick to best match what our house looks like on the outside because on the opposite sides of these walls is our exterior brick walls that the porch/now dining room was built around. We are SUPER happy with these walls!
IMG_1270 IMG_1232

We also did this wall in the mudroom since it’s next to the wood stove and the brick acts as a heat-proofing agent to help protect the wall from “melting”.IMG_1267Drum roll please.. OUR FLOORING IS FINISHED!!! We finally got around to purchasing and we ended up selecting some hard wood that we weren’t originally planning to buy. Originally I was thinking a medium-to-dark stained hickory for the kitchen and something slightly lighter for the bedrooms. We went in to Gaylord Flooring to look around and ended up falling in love with this 3 1/4″ rare birdseye maple flooring- so that’s what we went with. The price was right so we were able to lay the same floor in the living room as well (originally were going to keep the existing hardwood). This gives a consistent look through the kitchen and living room. For the bedrooms we got a plain maple in 2 1/4″ which fits the upstairs because the rooms are smaller and hallways more narrow.
IMG_1422IMG_1425Here is a slightly wonky panoramic picture of our kitchen with the floors finished!IMG_1549We decided to purchase vents made with the same material for all of the rooms- it provides a nice clean line and allows you to walk over top of them.  IMG_1431I love the light flooring in my navy office! It’s going to really pop once the trim goes in!
IMG_1463 Different view of the kitchen:IMG_1546 The living room!IMG_1548This weekend we were away at City Folk festival in Ottawa- when we returned Ben’s uncle surprised us with some of our boxes completed in the kitchen!! It’s starting to feel so real!
IMG_1783 IMG_1779

Move in is so close, I can taste it!

Anchors aweigh!

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