Kicking off October at The Ranch


Where did the time go? We are celebrating 10 months as home/farm owners and with fall in the air we are starting to be reminded of why we fell in love with “The Ranch” in the first place. It was last fall that we walked the property and decided, even above and beyond all of the “love” needed inside the house, that this land was right for us. Here we are pretty much a year later, working on the finishing touches to the house before we move in and also making sure we spend some special moments outside while the weather still allows it!

Last weekend we did a little exploring at ATV-ing. My birthday gift from Benny this year was a pair of leather lined Le Chameau boots that I’ve been wanting for a while! These  babies are going to get a lot of use!IMG_1831 The house is starting to look better every day- we are hoping to find a few days this fall to get a couple coats of paint on that “lovely” siding…IMG_1835 Although the deer seem to have gotten to these trees before us, we were able to collect enough for an apple crisp!IMG_1836 Getting creative to pick some big ones.IMG_1840 Found a little puff ball on the property- heaven!


Our master bathroom is finally all put together! I thought i would show off our lovely wall-hung toilet. I told Ben that it makes me feel like I’m on a train or airplane when looking at this toilet. Now we just need to add the finishing touches- medicine cabinet, spray paint that lovely vent on the floor, etc.
IMG_1853 The reason we did these wall hung units is because our bathroom is so narrow so we needed all of the extra space we could get- this was the best solution to allow us to get a master bathroom!IMG_1850Ben’s dad has been amazing!!!! He is building us all of our doorway transitions out of maple to match our floors. Here are some of them as we coat them with 10+ coats of varnish to protect them.

IMG_1908 IMG_1907

This week I picked up a light for one of the spots in the kitchen. It’s been a big struggle trying to find lights, etc. for the whole house – one at a time, one at a time..
IMG_1906Our soapstone countertop sample- in love!

Last week you got a little update of the start of our kitchen. Last weekend Ben’s uncle installed some more pieces- it’s starting to looks SO amazing!!!

Benny’s truck loaded down with boxes.
IMG_1863The island slowly coming together!

IMG_1848IMG_1865Dishwasher & Sink Location
IMG_1846 Most of the island complete! It’s so big- I LOVE IT!IMG_1875Our oven moved into place.. I can’t wait to stand here and cook our little hearts out!
IMG_1880It’s starting to come together nicely, eh? What do you think?!

Anchors aweigh!

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