Eleventh Month Ranch Update!


It’s been a while since I’ve updated y’all on the Ranch! We have been SO BUSY trying to get this place move in ready.. as you can imagine any “sane” people would be after 11 MONTHS OF RENOS?!?! Things are really starting to move along and it seems like every day we walk away we have put the finishing touches on one corner of the house or another. Take a stroll down memory lane with me and I’ll give you an update on what we’ve been up to! Enjoy!

The slow, yet satisfying job of trim has been keeping us very busy! On Thanksgiving weekend we had a lot of help so we got a ton of trim up! We didn’t paint it before installing it because we had so much help that weekend that we figured we would deal with the paint later..

IMG_2047 IMG_2048 IMG_2052 My mom, sister and I also spent a day cleaning all of the windows in the house (there are a lot of them) and WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MADE! Goodness knows when they were all cleaned last and after all of the renovation and construction dust we had our work cut out for us. The best part is, since we’ve done that everyone who stops by asks us if we got new windows installed! Woo!IMG_2055 The funny thing about trim is… I’ve gone through like 2 cases of this stuff! it’s miracle “glue” though and hides all of the little imperfections. For those of you who know Fetty Wap will understand when I say- Who needs a Trap Queen when you can have a Dap Queen?!?  NO?! YES??! Come on… you love it!IMG_2012I couldn’t resist including a picture of our beautiful coloured maple trees- unfortunately those leaves are all gone now but at least I have this picture 😦
IMG_2110Benny & his dad working on more trim!
IMG_2119 Me learning how to use the power sander;IMG_6870Okay, so remember earlier when I told you we didn’t paint it before we installed it for some of the rooms?! Mistake!!! Because of this it took a TON of tape and time and it just doesn’t look quite as good as the trim we painted before installing it. We learned our lesson. Piece of advice to you, don’t do what we did and if you do, use FROG brand painters tape- It made a huge difference, SO worth the few extra dollars!IMG_2141 The picture makes me giddy! Amazing to see the finished products come together. It’s funny when we painted our walls with White Wisp by Benjamin Moore they looked so white! Then we added our trim which I painted in pearl finish BM Chantilly Lace and it makes the walls look a soft shade of grey! This actually worked out perfectly because originally this is the look I wanted and since the white wisp is more of a white it gives this really soft feeling to the whole house.IMG_2149 Ben installing the last of the thresholds for the openings from the kitchen into the “dining room”IMG_2106 Finished look at one of the bedrooms! We don’t have doors installed yet because we figured we might as well wait until after we move the furniture in.IMG_2152A look at the trimmed windows in the Kitchen. On the main floor of the house we went with a wider profile than upstairs.
IMG_2179 A look at the kitchen.. not all of the boxes have been added yet but gives you an idea for the layout.IMG_2181 Couldn’t resist including another picture of the stairs since they were so much work- aren’t they pretty?!IMG_2184
IMG_2148So our fridge got delivered this weekend! We ended up getting the fridge we wanted (kept watching for it to go on sale) and let me tell you, this is a FRIDGE! It’s the Samsung Chef Collection – has a soda stream built in, chef pantry that can alter temperatures based on what you are storing in it, one of the bottom sections can switch from a fridge to freezer and back within minutes.. the list goes on. It’s also HUGE. Here is a photo:IMG_2268SO, in order to get the fridge in the door we had to put in a wider door, which wasn’t a huge deal because we really needed to replace this door anyway, the seal was broken and it was just in awful shape- not to mention the “beware of dog” sign.

When Ben went to install the door he realized that the rough opening is actually the size we need to fit the fridge in and not the actual size of the door- so we were going to have to take the whole door and frame out in order to get the fridge in. LUCKILY we called Lowes and they pulled in some favours for us (we’ve been shopping there a lot, love them) and got the fridge delivered the next day so that we could install the door properly and seal it up without having the house open to the elements for a week or so. Here is the new door, it’s a step up from what was there.. I still don’t love it but it’s a temporary door until we re-do that “lovely” reddish/pinkish siding within the next couple of years.

Both of our custom maple doors for our master & guest bathrooms got installed! These things are heavy duty people!IMG_2272We milled up our own crown moulding and installed that this past weekend- it really finishes off the living room! This meant more dapping for me! Yay!

What do you think? We are potentially going to be moving in some furniture next weekend- yay!

Anchors aweigh!

2 thoughts on “Eleventh Month Ranch Update!

  1. Wow, that looks so lovely! What a change from the house you originally bought. All it took was work, money, work, inspiration and work! Z




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