A Year at The Ranch


It’s been a VERY long time!! Things have been SO SO busy- last time I posted we were getting so close to moving in- weather was still sunny and bright and finishing touches were in the work! Now I am writing you to tell you that finishing touches take a LONG time. We are finally living in our house (YAHOO) but are still working endlessly to get everything completed. We also have family coming to stay with us in a few days for Christmas- so it’s making us have to get our but in gear even more! We also celebrated one year of owning The Ranch on December 1st! Time flies!

First, let me introduce Utah! Utah is another reason we have been so busy. He is our little border collie puppy that we got  few weeks ago from Ben’s Aunt Amanda! Here he is on his first few days at The Ranch looking adorable in front of my boxwood wreath and is our most perfect addition to our little clan and to our Ranch.

IMG_2548My square boxwood wreath for the other main entrance to the house- boy, every time I see that siding in photos I cannot wait to get my paint brush on it! Spring- I’m waiting for ya! Or heck, if this warm climate stays I might be able to paint it in January!IMG_2468Another shot of our boy, Utah. Loving the farm.IMG_4366.JPGHere is a snap of our pot filler tap – since we’ve moved in I have actually used this quite a bit! We have a lot of really heavy pots and pans -this saves me from lugging them over from the sink and trying to get them up onto the stove.IMG_2340Our fridge is up and running and LOVE IT! This thing makes Sodastream water at the touch of a button and has a TON of space. Beside the fridge is our microwave/mini oven and warming tray which we just realized also operates as a slow cooker! Winning!IMG_2701Two weekends ago Ben’s Uncle Jimmy and Ben installed most of the drawers in the cabinetry that is built so far! This made a huge difference in making the house be more liveable. I was able to unpack most of our kitchen. We ended up going with drawers to store our plates and bowls in, instead of the upper cabinets- very happy with this choice!! The plywood cabinets that you see here are the base of everything. All of the cabinet fronts and decorate pieces will be attached directly onto this, including the countertops.IMG_2614What happens when you get married and don’t live in your house yet- then unpack it a year later- THIS! A picture of all of our BEAUTIFUL new things being unwrapped- Christmas came early! As you can see Utah is being a big help.IMG_2613Last night Ben and his dad installed the last of the three frames for our entrance ways from our Kitchen into the dining room/sitting room/porch. They look SO SO amazing. I can’t believe how much they finish it off. Tonight they are going to install the fourth for the main entrance from our mud room into the kitchen.IMG_4376Our living room. We tend to hide away in here with a fire roaring when we don’t want to look at the “mess” that is the rest of our house.IMG_4374Another snap of our living room all ready for Christmas. So happy to be spending our first Christmas at The Ranch!IMG_4375I couldn’t resist sharing this hook with you. It’s in our master bathroom. Thought it would be a fav for those following our East Coast themed blog 🙂IMG_2705Our closets have been installed! Didn’t take long to fill this baby up! We are still working on some organizational challenges, but I think we need to live in the space for a while until we make certain decisions.IMG_2704Guest room is up and ready! We went with all white bedding in high thread count to give the look and feel of a hotel. We want our guests to feel at home. I even bought and hung robes for our guests in the closet- nobody likes to get dressed to run to the bathroom at 2am! This room still needs a mirror, some art work and a dresser but we are taking our time to make sure it’s all done right the first time around.IMG_2703Last night we finished the guest bathroom- or I guess I should say partially finished. Since we are having guests over the holidays we decided to install finished plywood in the bathroom so that we could have the extra space- marble countertop will go in here once our kitchen counters are installed. The mirror in here is also temporary- will find something just perfect in the coming months, I know it!IMG_2698I’m in love with the tap for our claw foot tub! Isn’t it the best?!IMG_4378How awful is this red floor? It was in such bad shape and the colour just looked so bad against the freshly painted walls so we decided to get it painted before our guests come! This is the third floor/loft space and will be used to put extra beds. Throughout the last few weeks we had been using this space as a bit of dumping group for storage of items we weren’t quite sure what to do with yet- so we spent Sunday afternoon cleaning it up, getting rid of stuff and putting everything in it’s proper space.

IMG_2695Here are two after pictures last night after one coat of primer- tonight I will be putting on the floor paint and will update you all on my next post!IMG_2696IMG_2697

Those are all of the updates I have so far! I hope you enjoyed them! I will update soon, I promise!!

Anchors aweigh!

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