Birthday Dinner at Backhouse


Full disclosure: I just spent some time myself getting caught up on the blog. Is Utah not the cutest pup ever?? Also those pictures of my sister in that cute dress are stunning!! I need to read this thing more often!

2016 is off to a busy but exciting start! We really are going to try and commit to having some more regular content up here-we have both just been really busy (which we are super grateful for) and with the new year I’m making an intention to be more present in my everyday life and relationships so this sometimes means forgetting to photograph these moments. So bare with us, and I’m sure 2016 is going to bring some great content!

I celebrated my 24th birthday this past weekend. I was lucky enough to get to spend the day with the best of friends and family. As cheesy as this sounds it truly makes me the most happy to get to have everyone together in one room and to start my next year with everyone I love (there were a few missing of course). My birthday always falls at a strange time of year- the hecticness of Christmas has just subsided and friends and family are heading back to school or work- so this makes getting everyone together really tough and is usually a very rare occurrence. Hence me being over the moon to have my #ladysquad, Ma, Pa, sister, and brother-in-law all make the trip to come and visit! You guys are literally the best.

One of my friends who is from St. Catharines had heard about Backhouse a few months ago, and knowing me as the foodie that I am, suggested that her and I go for dinner there. We’ve been trying for months to make a plan but again, with the busy schedules and wrapping up of the year we still had not managed to get there, and my birthday provided the perfect opportunity to make a reservation and stick with it. And let me tell you, I am so happy I did! Backhouse preaches farm to table cuisine that’s in season and local. They do all of this with the utmost deliciousness and beautiful presentation.

They started us off with complimentary champagne for toasting the occasion, hello good first impression. As a table we decided to do the blind tasting 3 course menu which I would highly suggest. It was an easy decision for us because we are all quite into food and were excited to not know what would be coming next, also the price was right. Check out the pictures below to see what we indulged in:

Sidenote: the decor, atmosphere, and friendly staff were the cherry on top of the delicious food. I truly believe those 3 things can make a huge difference to a dining experience. We not only left feeling fully satisfied but were making plans to return and hang out in that beautiful space…and of course try a few other things that caught our eye on the menu.

My #ladysquad & best dinner companions.


Started with a beef tartare.

A little look into the kitchen- you can do a special tasting menu at the chef’s bar- might have to be our next trip!IMG_2443

Next up: squash soup with a creme fraiche and black garlic powder, and homemade light and dark rye bread (they used the whey leftover from the homemade cheese they make-ingenious).IMG_2444

A roasted onion- you would seriously never believe an onion could taste this good!IMG_2446

Our main: beef cooked to perfection on what we think was a bulgar-like risotto with some crispy kale. (THIS WAS MELT IN YOUR MOUTH AMAZING).IMG_2448

What we thought was the end was a delicious chocolate cake with peanut butter ice-cream (it’s like they knew I was coming-chocolate cake is one of my top 3 favourite things- followed by red wine & coffee).IMG_2449

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better they finished it off with a homemade toasted champagne-flavoured marshmallow on the most perfect branch you ever did see. This might have been our favourite part…we were 2 glasses of wine in and easily excitable!

Thank you Backhouse for making my birthday one of the best ones yet! I hope 24 is full of good eats like this one!

Anchors aweigh!

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