Winter Life


When I look back on previous posts it’s almost comical to me how much I would fit into one post- updating you all on our Ranch progress. Entire rooms at a time, full walls and rooms being destructed at a time, the entire house being painted- what a journey. Now that we are living in the house things are moving a bit slower and I feel it’s given me the opportunity to really appreciate the work we are doing. There is so much time and effort put into every corner of this house and it really is truly amazing how far we’ve come!

We are settling into our first winter at the Ranch and working on some finishing touches as we have time. Here are some pictures of life since my last post- I hope you enjoy!

A winter-y stroll with the pup


After our first few days of freezing weather our pond was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for skating- and then it thawed, got all bumpy and we got dumped with snow 😦 Here is a picture of Ben post-skate when the ice was still perfection.IMG_2976Utah checking out his reflection in the fireplace.IMG_3007Utah in our snow dusted backyardIMG_4523Another snowy snapshotIMG_4547Last weekend we (read: Ben) plowed off the pond hoping that with a thaw and maybe another good freeze we may have skate worthy ice again. It’s hasn’t come full circle yet but we hope it will soon!IMG_3134Last weekend Ben & Uncle Jimmy built some of the cabinets for our bar in the kitchen. Here is the pre-install pic.IMG_3114Post-install and pre-drawer installIMG_3117Here is the full thing- the also finished this trim around the door! Isn’t it lovely?! Next step will be the upper cabinets I believe.IMG_3143Prior to renovations there were windows that looked out into the laundry room area. We didn’t like this so we dry walled over the side in the living room. We also re-located our powder room to this area. Since we drywalled over this the opposite side needed some love. Instead of re-bricking the windows in we decided to build some shelving. Here is the shelving unit being installed in the powder room. The one in the laundry room is yet to be built.


We also had an electrician come in this week to finish up some work. We had some antique shop lights that were missing some hardware. We had the electrician give them some industrial flair with the piping up to the ceiling. These are located over our bar top on the island- the bar top still needs to be installed and will be a piece of live edge maple. Can’t wait to see that!!


Slow and steady wins the race, right?!

Hopefully I will have more Ranch updates for you soon- in the meantime I will be over here dreaming about summertime…

Anchors aweigh!

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