You “Knead” this Focaccia


I’ve been wanting to make homemade focaccia bread for some time now but like so many of us this time of year is extremely busy and its usually easier to grab a loaf from the grocery store than to think about having to make your own. When the stores weren’t open on Good Friday and I had some time to myself it provided the perfect opportunity to give it a shot. I found a super easy recipe that had basic ingredients we already had in the cupboard.

The bread was delicious, better than store bought by 1000x and super easy to make! My sister had made focaccia before but wasn’t happy with the crunch to chewy ratio, it wasn’t soft enough in the middle – but this one was perfect!

I followed this recipe on Once Upon a Chef.

The only thing I did differently was I used Instant Yeast instead of Active Dry so I added the yeast straight to the dry ingredients and then added the water and oil. This was because I only had the instant stuff in the cupboard and it also cuts down on the “rising” time. With instant yeast you only need 1 rest period and not 2, so for this recipe I only let the dough sit once it was formed into the pan size and covered.

I can’t wait to experiment with olives and tomatoes to top this delicious bread!


Anchors aweigh!

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