Ranch & Baby Updates


I have been putting this post off for a while now because I was waiting for a few things to get finished around the farm before I gave you all an update. Now as I sit down and look through all of the photos that I’ve taken since my last update I realized that A LOT has happened!!!  For those blog followers who know me or follow my personal Instagram account @ericaemma1 will know that we are expecting a baby!!! I am currently thirty weeks pregnant and due early July! We are super excited and time has been FLYING.

Today I will update you on the baby, nursery progress, and all of our other updates to the Ranch including; the install of our mudroom door, our high-top/bar-top in the kitchen and welcoming of our egg-laying hens to the farm! It’s been a really fun few months and I’m excited to share the progress with you.

Our #ladysquad

Earlier this year we got 4 egg-laying hens from Ben’s Aunt and we LOVE getting the fresh eggs. Before we ran out of store bought eggs we did a taste test  and our eggs reined supreme (they were more rich, milder flavour and just tasted better). A few weeks back we decided to get four more birds to up our egg volume. I have been lovingly calling them the #ladysquad —



the wine cellar:

We have been storing a collection of wine since our wedding wine shower and wedding in 2014 – in earlier posts you will remember me mentioning that we were building a cellar in The Ranch’s old cistern. A few weeks ago we installed racks into it and organized the wine. We still have to build a shelf at the back of the room for other storage. I also scoped out which bottle to pop once our little bebe arrives 😉


Kitchen High Top:

Ben wanted a breakfast bar installed at the island in our kitchen. A place for people to sit and have a drink while we cook, or for us to eat a weeknight meal. I think it was definitely the right choice because since installing it a few weeks ago we have used it a LOT already. Especially with me being pregnant, by the end of a long week of work in Toronto pulling into the Ranch just before dinner it’s nice for me to sit up there and watch Benny cook up something tasty for us. For the bar top we wanted a live edge piece of wood. Luckily through a colleague of mine we found a few pieces of GORGEOUS sugar maple that were perfect for the job. It seemed to be fate because a lot of the accents in our house are maple- floors, paneling, doors- so this piece fit RIGHT in. I’m hoping we can use the leftover pieces to build two end table/shelves for our master bedroom. Once we get our painted cupboard doors and some actual countertops I think it will look even better because there will be more contrast. Right now everything is that natural wood colour.. that will change 🙂


Other Updates:

The paneling that we installed (maple) between all the entrance ways has now been stained and looks spectacular. We also installed a new light fixture above our dining room table- the chains need to be trimmed down to one string still- but doesn’t it look fabulous? I found it for a great price on Joss & Main (but note, if you are shopping from Canada all prices are in USD). I have also been trying to decorate my mantle- it still needs some love but I’ve picked up a few pieces here and there- no sense to rush into it! Last weekend we also got our patio furniture out! YAHOO! It was Ben’s birthday and we had a little BBQ so we pulled out a bunch of the summer stuff. We can hardly wait until the pool is open! We just picked up this indoor/outdoor carpet at a wholesale store we found in Kingston- seems as though a lot of the old Target merchandise ended up there and we got it for a steal!


Sliding Mud-Room Door:

We spent quite a while trying to figure out the best design for some kind of sliding door that separates our mud room from our kitchen and the rest of the house. We wanted something that slides so that it wouldn’t be in the way and once we got Utah we decided we wanted something where we had the ability to see out the top half so that if he came into the house muddy we could leave him out there to clean up but so that he isn’t stuck in a room closed off by a door. I had been showing Ben photos of Dutch style doors for a while so he came up with a genius design paring together a barn and dutch door with a sliding upper panel- and the result is glorious. The door slides back and forth and the upper panel of the door slides up and down depending if you want the room completely closed off or not. To give it more of that “dutch” style look Ben installed a small ledge. This door is GORGEOUS and it’s massive- such a statement when you walk into our house.IMG_3847.JPGIMG_3865.JPGIMG_3959.JPGIMG_4743IMG_4745IMG_4746

Baby Updates:

We are so excited to be having our first child! According to the ultrasound we are having a little baby girl. We kept the news to ourselves and close friends and family for quite a while- we just wanted to enjoy it.  At 21 weeks we announced to everyone else – here are a few pictures:


It took a while for my bump to really take off- here I am at 22 weeks:IMG_3632.JPG

@ 27 weeks:


The last week or so I’ve felt that my belly has really grown. I am now looking pregnant in almost anything I wear and she is starting to kick A LOT more frequently. This is me a week ago at 29 weeks:IMG_3984.JPG

Baby Room Updates:

We decided to make the navy bedroom in our house the nursery. The darker colour will be nice and soothing for the baby and hopefully help her sleep. I’ve been picking up items here and there and the nursery still needs quite a bit of love but I’m really happy with what we’ve gotten so far! I need to add some more decor to the walls to brighten it up and make the room a little bit more girly- but overall we are going with a more gender neutral look and feel. The items I’ve gotten have been a mixture of things from Kijiji, Homesense and a wholesale baby store I found in Vaughan. Next steps are curtains, a lighter pillow for the glider to brighten it up, and a rug. And of course the obvious things like diaper pail, change pad, etc.


Well, that was a lot!!! Thanks for sticking with me! I hope you enjoyed the update.


Anchors aweigh!

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