4 Christmas DIY/Hacks on a Budget


It’s the most wonderful timeeeee of the yearrrrr….  and sometimes the most expensive!

This year I am on parental leave so this means two things- I don’t have much (read:any) extra spending money and I am also home more and have had a bit more time to be creative this holiday season!  So, I thought I would do a post on four inexpensive ways to luxe up your holiday decor!

  1. Think outside the box. This year I used a bunch of outdoor string lights on my tree! I bought multiple packages of these lights back when Target was closing here in Canada for our wedding in 2014. We didn’t end up using them for wedding so the last two years I have been using them as extra lights for my tree!!! They are a softer light, add decorations to the tree AND saved me from going out and buying more lights! Think about other seasonal items you might have in your home- from lights to little trinkets the you might be able to hang on your tree! Or maybe the clearance rack at your local home goods store still has patio lights?!img_7983
  2. Liven up your garland! This year I really wanted luxe live garland to drape on my staircase. Our stairs are one of the focal points of our kitchen and I felt they needed a little Christmas love. To go out and buy live garland in those kinds of lengths (approx. 20 ft) would have cost a fortune! As an alternative I picked up some faux garland from Canadian Tire. We then secured this to the bannister with zip ties and then I cut off branches around our yard of pine, spruce and cedar. I grabbed a package of floral wire (90 stems) for 1 dollar (from Dollarama) and then secured pieces of the live greenery to the faux garland. It now looks super full and dare I say, luxe as heck!  I tied long pieces of scrap beige denim around the zip ties in a simple knot in replace of bows.  Here is the before and after.img_7808img_7957
  3. Dollar store!!!  Take some time walking around your local dollar store to see what you can find. Here are two things I found from the Dollarama near me recently. 1) Willow stems that I styled in a tall white vase for our mantel to add some height. What’s great about these is that they will be able to stay up all winter, not just for the holidays! 2) I was a really wanting some ball garland for my tree this year- I found some great stuff at Home Sense and Michaels.. but either were in the budget. Hello my friend.. Dollarama.. I found these great styrofoam ball strands for a $1.25 a strand. They probably won’t last more than a year or two.. but who cares?! I’ll probably be over them by then anyway!  img_7982img_7981img_7977
  4. A “little” goes a long way. I love switching up my dining room tablescape! One way I am able to do this on a budget are these vases that you see on the table. Originally they were from our wedding back in 2014- all painted gold and originally thrifted from Value Village. This summer I painted a bunch of them white. The key here is that these vases have a super SMALL openings! They can’t take a lot of flowers or plants and thus- saving you money. Think if you had 5-6 of these for your table.. picked up a small bunch of flowers from Costco or the grocery store for 10-15 bucks and then stuck a few strands in each vase! Not bad, right??  For the holidays this year I opted for magnolia leaves because they should last the entire month. I picked these up for under 5 bucks a bunch at Wal-Mart and then styled them in my trusty vases. I used approximately two bunches here.   img_7854

What do you think? Helpful? What are your thrifty DIYs for the holidays?

Anchors aweigh!

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