A Foodie Guide to Halifax

Once again its been a hot minute since we’ve checked in with all of you (anybody still here…Mom??…Bueller??) For those of you that have stayed with us through our long periods of inactivity we really appreciate it – as I’m sure you can all relate life just gets in the way sometimes and as much as we enjoy blogging and sharing photos and stories with you guys recently we’ve been stepping back and really being present in our “IRL” lives and other projects.

To recap you on the past few months – Erica has been off being a kick-ass Momma to the most beautiful little girl (clearly no bias here) and learning lots about motherhood and living in Kingston. With the excitement of this new phase she has also launched her own blog to share her Momma adventures with all of you, she’s created a really beautiful and knowledgable space over there (again no bias). If you want to check that out here’s the link: The YGK Mom.

As for me, I’ve been plugging away at grad school and working various other jobs on the side trying to “taste all the flavours” and figure out what exactly I want to be when I grow up. I’ll be sure to keep you posted when I figure this one out. In the meantime, one of the very few benefits of being in grad school (#overworkedunderpaid) is getting to travel to conferences and have most of your expenses compensated – which is how my most recent trip to Halifax happened. I tagged along on a friend’s free ride, with cheap flights (out of Hamilton – why isn’t everyone doing this?! It was such a breeze – the 7 minutes from leaving the plane to being out the doors of the airport kinda breeze – I wish all travel was this enjoyable) and the idea of escaping academic life for a few days.

Halifax did not disappoint. It has never disappointed, to be honest. There’s something about this city that has always felt like home to me and I plan on one day making this a reality. But for now, I’ll take my weekend getaways with all of the great food, drinks, waterfront views, and the best kind of company.

Here’s a quick summary of our trip – the must eats and drinks – and where I’m dying to try the next time I go!


  • Black Sheep Restaurant – we went here for brunch and it rocked our socks! The location is kinda hidden off of Dresden Row but its worth trying to find. I had the fish cakes (delish) and they give you the option to do half & half salad and fries (freakin’ genius!)
  • 2 Doors Down – we had dinner here on Friday night and were super glad we did. They have a really fun cocktail list – I had a bourbon based one that I can’t remember the name of (blame the bourbon) and Tia had a beer based cocktail. We shared the calamari to start, which wasn’t really anything to write home about but was good BUT the lobster and crab risotto was AMAZING – there were pieces of smoked bacon, crab, lobster and kale pesto topped with fried scallops. It’s so dreamy you won’t want it to end.
  • Ristorante a mano – Tia was feeling Italian on our second night in town so we found this place online with good reviews. We shared some pizzas which were great but not unlike other wood fired oven pizzas I’ve had in Toronto or Kingston but we had a lot of fun there, we sat at the pizza bar which I would highly recommend – you get to watch them make all the pizzas and we asked a gazillion questions. Also, there’s a starter which is basically a pizza crust stuffed with cheese and truffle oil HELLO. All the heart eyes. Its called the Sgabello GET IT.


  • Rockbottom Brewpub – This was our first stop in the city, conveniently located right across from our hotel (The Lord Nelson). Not my favourite atmosphere but the beer was great and we had some nachos that were loaded with toppings, just how nachos are supposed to be.
  • Bearly’s – We followed Rockbottom up with Bearly’s to see the Mellotones play – if these guys are playing while you’re in town don’t miss them! I typically wouldn’t be interested in their funk, soul, R&B vibes but they are amazing! Also, Bearly’s is a really neat layout and everyone in the place was dancing up a storm.
  •  Good Robot Brewing Company – Craft beer is really having its time in the spotlight almost everywhere in Canada right now but especially in Halifax, I’m pretty sure Nova Scotia has the most craft breweries per capita AKA a recipe for a good time. My uncle is really into the craft beer scene so he took me for a beer at Good Robot. Great atmosphere and they have a beer and “silent reading” night where you can just go, bring along some reading, and enjoy a pint in complete silence. This speaks to me on a seriously intimate level.
  • Lion & Bright – My uncle also took me here – this would definitely be a place I would set up shop and do some work if I lived in Hali. According to my uncle it also gets very animated when they bring in live music in the evenings – admittedly its hard to picture this when you’re there in the day but I would be down to test this theory. I’d also really like to eat here – it looks tasty AF.
  • The Old Triangle – Always the best east coast music – just go here and email me if you’re mad you did. You won’t be.

Places to Try (that I didn’t get the chance to)

My last notes are to please check out the Halifax Public Library it was my first time seeing this space and it blew my mind and also was my number one add to the “list of reasons to live here” that I have going. Lastly, don’t forget to grab a donair before you leave town, its a Halifax staple for a reason.

IMG_6944fullsizeoutput_22e7The fish cake brunch (with half fries & half salad) at Black Sheep Restaurant.IMG_6947Fifth Floor library views – I mean come on!fullsizeoutput_22e9Cocktails at 2 Doors Down.fullsizeoutput_22e8The taste bud exploding risotto also at 2 Doors Down.fullsizeoutput_2264Halifax Farmer’s Market – live music and all.fullsizeoutput_22eafullsizeoutput_2298fullsizeoutput_22ebSad to be leaving – can you tell??fullsizeoutput_22acStaying at The Lord Nelson really ruined me.

Anchors aweigh!


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