Nora’s Room


In our last Ranch update I showed you bits of Nora’s room that we had finished before her arrival but never followed up with the finished product. Back in September Taylor Clark Photography took some fantastic photos of our new little family of three. She also snapped a ton of Nora’s bedroom so I figured why not share them here and show you her whole room!

Nora is now three months old and we are starting to spend a bit more time in the nursery. For the first two months it was pretty much just a space for diaper changes. Now she sleeps in her room, we read books in the rocker and of course diaper and clothing changes – which happen a LOT.  Purchasing details are all below.

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McIlquham Family-0040.jpgMcIlquham Family-0051.jpgMcIlquham Family-0054.jpgMcIlquham Family-0055.jpgMcIlquham Family-0056.jpgMcIlquham Family-0057.jpgMcIlquham Family-0058.jpg

Crib & Rocker: Concord Baby / Dresser & Toy Box: Kijiji / Dresser Knobs: Zara Home / Pillows, Blankets, Hook, Curtains, Wire Baskets: Homesense / Lamps & Picture Frames & Shelf: Ikea / Changing Pad: Keekaroo Peanut from Hip Kids in White / Floral Antlers: Target / Baskets on Shelf: Dollarama / Framed Graphic: Gift from Pinked Prints / Diaper Genie Elite in Grey / Elephant Laundry Hamper :

Paint colour is Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. Trim is in Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.

Nora’s dress if from Old Navy (sold out in that pattern but they have others- Nora has a few of these and I LOVE them) and her hairband from Claire’s

Ranch & Baby Updates


I have been putting this post off for a while now because I was waiting for a few things to get finished around the farm before I gave you all an update. Now as I sit down and look through all of the photos that I’ve taken since my last update I realized that A LOT has happened!!!  For those blog followers who know me or follow my personal Instagram account @ericaemma1 will know that we are expecting a baby!!! I am currently thirty weeks pregnant and due early July! We are super excited and time has been FLYING.

Today I will update you on the baby, nursery progress, and all of our other updates to the Ranch including; the install of our mudroom door, our high-top/bar-top in the kitchen and welcoming of our egg-laying hens to the farm! It’s been a really fun few months and I’m excited to share the progress with you.

Our #ladysquad

Earlier this year we got 4 egg-laying hens from Ben’s Aunt and we LOVE getting the fresh eggs. Before we ran out of store bought eggs we did a taste test  and our eggs reined supreme (they were more rich, milder flavour and just tasted better). A few weeks back we decided to get four more birds to up our egg volume. I have been lovingly calling them the #ladysquad —



the wine cellar:

We have been storing a collection of wine since our wedding wine shower and wedding in 2014 – in earlier posts you will remember me mentioning that we were building a cellar in The Ranch’s old cistern. A few weeks ago we installed racks into it and organized the wine. We still have to build a shelf at the back of the room for other storage. I also scoped out which bottle to pop once our little bebe arrives 😉


Kitchen High Top:

Ben wanted a breakfast bar installed at the island in our kitchen. A place for people to sit and have a drink while we cook, or for us to eat a weeknight meal. I think it was definitely the right choice because since installing it a few weeks ago we have used it a LOT already. Especially with me being pregnant, by the end of a long week of work in Toronto pulling into the Ranch just before dinner it’s nice for me to sit up there and watch Benny cook up something tasty for us. For the bar top we wanted a live edge piece of wood. Luckily through a colleague of mine we found a few pieces of GORGEOUS sugar maple that were perfect for the job. It seemed to be fate because a lot of the accents in our house are maple- floors, paneling, doors- so this piece fit RIGHT in. I’m hoping we can use the leftover pieces to build two end table/shelves for our master bedroom. Once we get our painted cupboard doors and some actual countertops I think it will look even better because there will be more contrast. Right now everything is that natural wood colour.. that will change 🙂


Other Updates:

The paneling that we installed (maple) between all the entrance ways has now been stained and looks spectacular. We also installed a new light fixture above our dining room table- the chains need to be trimmed down to one string still- but doesn’t it look fabulous? I found it for a great price on Joss & Main (but note, if you are shopping from Canada all prices are in USD). I have also been trying to decorate my mantle- it still needs some love but I’ve picked up a few pieces here and there- no sense to rush into it! Last weekend we also got our patio furniture out! YAHOO! It was Ben’s birthday and we had a little BBQ so we pulled out a bunch of the summer stuff. We can hardly wait until the pool is open! We just picked up this indoor/outdoor carpet at a wholesale store we found in Kingston- seems as though a lot of the old Target merchandise ended up there and we got it for a steal!


Sliding Mud-Room Door:

We spent quite a while trying to figure out the best design for some kind of sliding door that separates our mud room from our kitchen and the rest of the house. We wanted something that slides so that it wouldn’t be in the way and once we got Utah we decided we wanted something where we had the ability to see out the top half so that if he came into the house muddy we could leave him out there to clean up but so that he isn’t stuck in a room closed off by a door. I had been showing Ben photos of Dutch style doors for a while so he came up with a genius design paring together a barn and dutch door with a sliding upper panel- and the result is glorious. The door slides back and forth and the upper panel of the door slides up and down depending if you want the room completely closed off or not. To give it more of that “dutch” style look Ben installed a small ledge. This door is GORGEOUS and it’s massive- such a statement when you walk into our house.IMG_3847.JPGIMG_3865.JPGIMG_3959.JPGIMG_4743IMG_4745IMG_4746

Baby Updates:

We are so excited to be having our first child! According to the ultrasound we are having a little baby girl. We kept the news to ourselves and close friends and family for quite a while- we just wanted to enjoy it.  At 21 weeks we announced to everyone else – here are a few pictures:


It took a while for my bump to really take off- here I am at 22 weeks:IMG_3632.JPG

@ 27 weeks:


The last week or so I’ve felt that my belly has really grown. I am now looking pregnant in almost anything I wear and she is starting to kick A LOT more frequently. This is me a week ago at 29 weeks:IMG_3984.JPG

Baby Room Updates:

We decided to make the navy bedroom in our house the nursery. The darker colour will be nice and soothing for the baby and hopefully help her sleep. I’ve been picking up items here and there and the nursery still needs quite a bit of love but I’m really happy with what we’ve gotten so far! I need to add some more decor to the walls to brighten it up and make the room a little bit more girly- but overall we are going with a more gender neutral look and feel. The items I’ve gotten have been a mixture of things from Kijiji, Homesense and a wholesale baby store I found in Vaughan. Next steps are curtains, a lighter pillow for the glider to brighten it up, and a rug. And of course the obvious things like diaper pail, change pad, etc.


Well, that was a lot!!! Thanks for sticking with me! I hope you enjoyed the update.


Anchors aweigh!

Winter Life


When I look back on previous posts it’s almost comical to me how much I would fit into one post- updating you all on our Ranch progress. Entire rooms at a time, full walls and rooms being destructed at a time, the entire house being painted- what a journey. Now that we are living in the house things are moving a bit slower and I feel it’s given me the opportunity to really appreciate the work we are doing. There is so much time and effort put into every corner of this house and it really is truly amazing how far we’ve come!

We are settling into our first winter at the Ranch and working on some finishing touches as we have time. Here are some pictures of life since my last post- I hope you enjoy!

A winter-y stroll with the pup


After our first few days of freezing weather our pond was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for skating- and then it thawed, got all bumpy and we got dumped with snow 😦 Here is a picture of Ben post-skate when the ice was still perfection.IMG_2976Utah checking out his reflection in the fireplace.IMG_3007Utah in our snow dusted backyardIMG_4523Another snowy snapshotIMG_4547Last weekend we (read: Ben) plowed off the pond hoping that with a thaw and maybe another good freeze we may have skate worthy ice again. It’s hasn’t come full circle yet but we hope it will soon!IMG_3134Last weekend Ben & Uncle Jimmy built some of the cabinets for our bar in the kitchen. Here is the pre-install pic.IMG_3114Post-install and pre-drawer installIMG_3117Here is the full thing- the also finished this trim around the door! Isn’t it lovely?! Next step will be the upper cabinets I believe.IMG_3143Prior to renovations there were windows that looked out into the laundry room area. We didn’t like this so we dry walled over the side in the living room. We also re-located our powder room to this area. Since we drywalled over this the opposite side needed some love. Instead of re-bricking the windows in we decided to build some shelving. Here is the shelving unit being installed in the powder room. The one in the laundry room is yet to be built.


We also had an electrician come in this week to finish up some work. We had some antique shop lights that were missing some hardware. We had the electrician give them some industrial flair with the piping up to the ceiling. These are located over our bar top on the island- the bar top still needs to be installed and will be a piece of live edge maple. Can’t wait to see that!!


Slow and steady wins the race, right?!

Hopefully I will have more Ranch updates for you soon- in the meantime I will be over here dreaming about summertime…

Anchors aweigh!

A Year at The Ranch


It’s been a VERY long time!! Things have been SO SO busy- last time I posted we were getting so close to moving in- weather was still sunny and bright and finishing touches were in the work! Now I am writing you to tell you that finishing touches take a LONG time. We are finally living in our house (YAHOO) but are still working endlessly to get everything completed. We also have family coming to stay with us in a few days for Christmas- so it’s making us have to get our but in gear even more! We also celebrated one year of owning The Ranch on December 1st! Time flies!

First, let me introduce Utah! Utah is another reason we have been so busy. He is our little border collie puppy that we got  few weeks ago from Ben’s Aunt Amanda! Here he is on his first few days at The Ranch looking adorable in front of my boxwood wreath and is our most perfect addition to our little clan and to our Ranch.

IMG_2548My square boxwood wreath for the other main entrance to the house- boy, every time I see that siding in photos I cannot wait to get my paint brush on it! Spring- I’m waiting for ya! Or heck, if this warm climate stays I might be able to paint it in January!IMG_2468Another shot of our boy, Utah. Loving the farm.IMG_4366.JPGHere is a snap of our pot filler tap – since we’ve moved in I have actually used this quite a bit! We have a lot of really heavy pots and pans -this saves me from lugging them over from the sink and trying to get them up onto the stove.IMG_2340Our fridge is up and running and LOVE IT! This thing makes Sodastream water at the touch of a button and has a TON of space. Beside the fridge is our microwave/mini oven and warming tray which we just realized also operates as a slow cooker! Winning!IMG_2701Two weekends ago Ben’s Uncle Jimmy and Ben installed most of the drawers in the cabinetry that is built so far! This made a huge difference in making the house be more liveable. I was able to unpack most of our kitchen. We ended up going with drawers to store our plates and bowls in, instead of the upper cabinets- very happy with this choice!! The plywood cabinets that you see here are the base of everything. All of the cabinet fronts and decorate pieces will be attached directly onto this, including the countertops.IMG_2614What happens when you get married and don’t live in your house yet- then unpack it a year later- THIS! A picture of all of our BEAUTIFUL new things being unwrapped- Christmas came early! As you can see Utah is being a big help.IMG_2613Last night Ben and his dad installed the last of the three frames for our entrance ways from our Kitchen into the dining room/sitting room/porch. They look SO SO amazing. I can’t believe how much they finish it off. Tonight they are going to install the fourth for the main entrance from our mud room into the kitchen.IMG_4376Our living room. We tend to hide away in here with a fire roaring when we don’t want to look at the “mess” that is the rest of our house.IMG_4374Another snap of our living room all ready for Christmas. So happy to be spending our first Christmas at The Ranch!IMG_4375I couldn’t resist sharing this hook with you. It’s in our master bathroom. Thought it would be a fav for those following our East Coast themed blog 🙂IMG_2705Our closets have been installed! Didn’t take long to fill this baby up! We are still working on some organizational challenges, but I think we need to live in the space for a while until we make certain decisions.IMG_2704Guest room is up and ready! We went with all white bedding in high thread count to give the look and feel of a hotel. We want our guests to feel at home. I even bought and hung robes for our guests in the closet- nobody likes to get dressed to run to the bathroom at 2am! This room still needs a mirror, some art work and a dresser but we are taking our time to make sure it’s all done right the first time around.IMG_2703Last night we finished the guest bathroom- or I guess I should say partially finished. Since we are having guests over the holidays we decided to install finished plywood in the bathroom so that we could have the extra space- marble countertop will go in here once our kitchen counters are installed. The mirror in here is also temporary- will find something just perfect in the coming months, I know it!IMG_2698I’m in love with the tap for our claw foot tub! Isn’t it the best?!IMG_4378How awful is this red floor? It was in such bad shape and the colour just looked so bad against the freshly painted walls so we decided to get it painted before our guests come! This is the third floor/loft space and will be used to put extra beds. Throughout the last few weeks we had been using this space as a bit of dumping group for storage of items we weren’t quite sure what to do with yet- so we spent Sunday afternoon cleaning it up, getting rid of stuff and putting everything in it’s proper space.

IMG_2695Here are two after pictures last night after one coat of primer- tonight I will be putting on the floor paint and will update you all on my next post!IMG_2696IMG_2697

Those are all of the updates I have so far! I hope you enjoyed them! I will update soon, I promise!!

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Eleventh Month Ranch Update!


It’s been a while since I’ve updated y’all on the Ranch! We have been SO BUSY trying to get this place move in ready.. as you can imagine any “sane” people would be after 11 MONTHS OF RENOS?!?! Things are really starting to move along and it seems like every day we walk away we have put the finishing touches on one corner of the house or another. Take a stroll down memory lane with me and I’ll give you an update on what we’ve been up to! Enjoy!

The slow, yet satisfying job of trim has been keeping us very busy! On Thanksgiving weekend we had a lot of help so we got a ton of trim up! We didn’t paint it before installing it because we had so much help that weekend that we figured we would deal with the paint later..

IMG_2047 IMG_2048 IMG_2052 My mom, sister and I also spent a day cleaning all of the windows in the house (there are a lot of them) and WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MADE! Goodness knows when they were all cleaned last and after all of the renovation and construction dust we had our work cut out for us. The best part is, since we’ve done that everyone who stops by asks us if we got new windows installed! Woo!IMG_2055 The funny thing about trim is… I’ve gone through like 2 cases of this stuff! it’s miracle “glue” though and hides all of the little imperfections. For those of you who know Fetty Wap will understand when I say- Who needs a Trap Queen when you can have a Dap Queen?!?  NO?! YES??! Come on… you love it!IMG_2012I couldn’t resist including a picture of our beautiful coloured maple trees- unfortunately those leaves are all gone now but at least I have this picture 😦
IMG_2110Benny & his dad working on more trim!
IMG_2119 Me learning how to use the power sander;IMG_6870Okay, so remember earlier when I told you we didn’t paint it before we installed it for some of the rooms?! Mistake!!! Because of this it took a TON of tape and time and it just doesn’t look quite as good as the trim we painted before installing it. We learned our lesson. Piece of advice to you, don’t do what we did and if you do, use FROG brand painters tape- It made a huge difference, SO worth the few extra dollars!IMG_2141 The picture makes me giddy! Amazing to see the finished products come together. It’s funny when we painted our walls with White Wisp by Benjamin Moore they looked so white! Then we added our trim which I painted in pearl finish BM Chantilly Lace and it makes the walls look a soft shade of grey! This actually worked out perfectly because originally this is the look I wanted and since the white wisp is more of a white it gives this really soft feeling to the whole house.IMG_2149 Ben installing the last of the thresholds for the openings from the kitchen into the “dining room”IMG_2106 Finished look at one of the bedrooms! We don’t have doors installed yet because we figured we might as well wait until after we move the furniture in.IMG_2152A look at the trimmed windows in the Kitchen. On the main floor of the house we went with a wider profile than upstairs.
IMG_2179 A look at the kitchen.. not all of the boxes have been added yet but gives you an idea for the layout.IMG_2181 Couldn’t resist including another picture of the stairs since they were so much work- aren’t they pretty?!IMG_2184
IMG_2148So our fridge got delivered this weekend! We ended up getting the fridge we wanted (kept watching for it to go on sale) and let me tell you, this is a FRIDGE! It’s the Samsung Chef Collection – has a soda stream built in, chef pantry that can alter temperatures based on what you are storing in it, one of the bottom sections can switch from a fridge to freezer and back within minutes.. the list goes on. It’s also HUGE. Here is a photo:IMG_2268SO, in order to get the fridge in the door we had to put in a wider door, which wasn’t a huge deal because we really needed to replace this door anyway, the seal was broken and it was just in awful shape- not to mention the “beware of dog” sign.

When Ben went to install the door he realized that the rough opening is actually the size we need to fit the fridge in and not the actual size of the door- so we were going to have to take the whole door and frame out in order to get the fridge in. LUCKILY we called Lowes and they pulled in some favours for us (we’ve been shopping there a lot, love them) and got the fridge delivered the next day so that we could install the door properly and seal it up without having the house open to the elements for a week or so. Here is the new door, it’s a step up from what was there.. I still don’t love it but it’s a temporary door until we re-do that “lovely” reddish/pinkish siding within the next couple of years.

Both of our custom maple doors for our master & guest bathrooms got installed! These things are heavy duty people!IMG_2272We milled up our own crown moulding and installed that this past weekend- it really finishes off the living room! This meant more dapping for me! Yay!

What do you think? We are potentially going to be moving in some furniture next weekend- yay!

Anchors aweigh!

Kicking off October at The Ranch


Where did the time go? We are celebrating 10 months as home/farm owners and with fall in the air we are starting to be reminded of why we fell in love with “The Ranch” in the first place. It was last fall that we walked the property and decided, even above and beyond all of the “love” needed inside the house, that this land was right for us. Here we are pretty much a year later, working on the finishing touches to the house before we move in and also making sure we spend some special moments outside while the weather still allows it!

Last weekend we did a little exploring at ATV-ing. My birthday gift from Benny this year was a pair of leather lined Le Chameau boots that I’ve been wanting for a while! These  babies are going to get a lot of use!IMG_1831 The house is starting to look better every day- we are hoping to find a few days this fall to get a couple coats of paint on that “lovely” siding…IMG_1835 Although the deer seem to have gotten to these trees before us, we were able to collect enough for an apple crisp!IMG_1836 Getting creative to pick some big ones.IMG_1840 Found a little puff ball on the property- heaven!


Our master bathroom is finally all put together! I thought i would show off our lovely wall-hung toilet. I told Ben that it makes me feel like I’m on a train or airplane when looking at this toilet. Now we just need to add the finishing touches- medicine cabinet, spray paint that lovely vent on the floor, etc.
IMG_1853 The reason we did these wall hung units is because our bathroom is so narrow so we needed all of the extra space we could get- this was the best solution to allow us to get a master bathroom!IMG_1850Ben’s dad has been amazing!!!! He is building us all of our doorway transitions out of maple to match our floors. Here are some of them as we coat them with 10+ coats of varnish to protect them.

IMG_1908 IMG_1907

This week I picked up a light for one of the spots in the kitchen. It’s been a big struggle trying to find lights, etc. for the whole house – one at a time, one at a time..
IMG_1906Our soapstone countertop sample- in love!

Last week you got a little update of the start of our kitchen. Last weekend Ben’s uncle installed some more pieces- it’s starting to looks SO amazing!!!

Benny’s truck loaded down with boxes.
IMG_1863The island slowly coming together!

IMG_1848IMG_1865Dishwasher & Sink Location
IMG_1846 Most of the island complete! It’s so big- I LOVE IT!IMG_1875Our oven moved into place.. I can’t wait to stand here and cook our little hearts out!
IMG_1880It’s starting to come together nicely, eh? What do you think?!

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Stairs, FLOORING, exposed brick and the start of a KITCHEN!


Work at the Ranch has still been moving SLOOWWWWLLLY but surely! This post will update you on our stairs which we FINALLY finished, our flooring (EEK!) and the start of our kitchen…

So, as per my previous post you know that these stairs have taken SOO long. Stripping, sanding, scraping, sanding, rubbing, varnishing, painting, tack clothing, on and on and on. They are finally finished, they look rustic-ly fine and now I’m on the hunt for the perfect runner.

Before we put our flooring in we installed some faux-brick on some of the walls. We bought this brick to best match what our house looks like on the outside because on the opposite sides of these walls is our exterior brick walls that the porch/now dining room was built around. We are SUPER happy with these walls!
IMG_1270 IMG_1232

We also did this wall in the mudroom since it’s next to the wood stove and the brick acts as a heat-proofing agent to help protect the wall from “melting”.IMG_1267Drum roll please.. OUR FLOORING IS FINISHED!!! We finally got around to purchasing and we ended up selecting some hard wood that we weren’t originally planning to buy. Originally I was thinking a medium-to-dark stained hickory for the kitchen and something slightly lighter for the bedrooms. We went in to Gaylord Flooring to look around and ended up falling in love with this 3 1/4″ rare birdseye maple flooring- so that’s what we went with. The price was right so we were able to lay the same floor in the living room as well (originally were going to keep the existing hardwood). This gives a consistent look through the kitchen and living room. For the bedrooms we got a plain maple in 2 1/4″ which fits the upstairs because the rooms are smaller and hallways more narrow.
IMG_1422IMG_1425Here is a slightly wonky panoramic picture of our kitchen with the floors finished!IMG_1549We decided to purchase vents made with the same material for all of the rooms- it provides a nice clean line and allows you to walk over top of them.  IMG_1431I love the light flooring in my navy office! It’s going to really pop once the trim goes in!
IMG_1463 Different view of the kitchen:IMG_1546 The living room!IMG_1548This weekend we were away at City Folk festival in Ottawa- when we returned Ben’s uncle surprised us with some of our boxes completed in the kitchen!! It’s starting to feel so real!
IMG_1783 IMG_1779

Move in is so close, I can taste it!

Anchors aweigh!

August Ranch Updates


It’s nearing the end of August already?!? Where did the summer go? Originally we had plans to try to move into “The Ranch” this September but I have a feeling that is NOT going to happen. We have still been working there every weekend and Ben has been there basically every evening after work but the things we are working on seem to be a lot more tedious and SLOW GOING than expected.

So here are some pics of what we have been up to at the Ranch since my last update! Enjoy!

My sister-in-laws boyfriend, Andrew, has a drone- HOW COOL IS THAT?!? Here is an aerial shot of The Ranch. LOVE!

Our fields got hayed! Looks so much cleaner around with the freshly cut grass!


We have been LOVING the pool!IMG_1206IMG_0756We finally got our primo BBQ (one of our AMAZING wedding gifts) set up and it’s been great cooking up a couple of meals poolside! It’s not the easiest to host without a kitchen, but we have been making the best of it! Here is Benny lighting it up for the first time.. it will never look that white again… *sigh*
IMG_1169Our stainless steel beam got installed in the kitchen as extra support. Originally we didn’t think we would need something like this because the wooden beams are so substantial but unfortunately when we took the jack posts out we noticed a bit of sag. We had this beam custom made and wanted it to match the oven– the island will be built around this so we are hoping it “disappears” once the island goes up!

The bathrooms are slowly coming along.. Here is the first stage of installation for our master bathroom shower..IMG_1076And here it is all done! I LOVE it!IMG_1208Sink is in but not hooked up yet- toilet still to come.

Claw foot tub for the guest bathroom — there will also be a shower in here.


The slow journey of stripping our stairs..
IMG_1085Stairs are almost done.

IMG_1210Anchors aweigh!!

Before & After @ The Ranch


The last few weeks we have experienced some very aesthetically pleasing leaps forward at The Ranch! it’s amazing how it’s actually starting to resemble a REAL house?!? In today’s post I have some great before and after/progress shots from a few of the projects we have been working on.

BUT! Before that.. I want to announce that we have, ladies and gentlemen, A TOILET!!!!!!!!!!  This may be lost on you but I will explain…we took possession December 1st 2014 and the house was winterized, so no running water, no heat source, etc. Then we started renos and we have been working there WITHOUT a toilet for almost 8 months. We are also out in the country  so the nearest Tim Hortons isn’t super close or convenient, you catch my drift?! Last Sunday our first toilet went in and it may have been one of the most exciting days to date! Here is a photo..

IMG_3532Last weekend my sister (the better half of this blog) was visiting to help us with some of the renos. She kindly took on this little project and the results are to die for! When we originally bought this house we were thinking of re-facing this fireplace in a few years because neither of us is a fan of this type of stone. Pink is also my least favourite colour so the fact the brick looks sort of pink was not great.. especially with this fireplace being in the living room where we will likely spend most of our time in the winter months. Here is the before- with just primer- and then fully painted (2 coats)! Thanks, Mel!


Priming the fireplace really helped when it came time for the top coats, they went on much easier. 


The final product!! We wanted it to resemble limestone so I painted it in Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore. The mantle will need to be replaced eventually because last winter when there was no heat in the house it got warped by the cold.IMG_0698

IMG_3534Here is an exciting reveal- in my last McIlquham Ranch post we showed you our tiling results from two of the three bathrooms… this third bathroom floor was the bane of my husbands existence, but the results are GLORIOUS! It took a bit of a re-do and the tiles are not perfectly straight but I think he did an AMAZING job and I absolutely love it! These are the floors in our tiny master bathroom..

IMG_0672IMG_3538My sister and I also painted my office last weekend. We decided to leave the rest of the house in the White Wisp (Benjamin Moore) but I knew from the start that I wanted my office to be navy blue.. so we took the plunge and painted it. I love it a lot! I went with Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore . It will look much better once all of the trim is on and I’m set up at my desk plugging away explaining to people how life takes energy (plug for my colleagues)… or working on our blog 🙂 Super happy with this navy blue, just in case you are considering painting anything navy in your life 🙂 Here is the before and after.

IMG_0696 IMG_3536Another BIG and exciting progress update is that our pool is now up and running!!!!! YAHOO! We got a new liner and a few other things to get it up and running.. was super nice to have it last weekend with the heat wave. Our liner is called “black granite” and once the water got in it, it almost looks dark blue like lake water. Super happy about it! We have also FINALLY been enjoying our new patio set from Foremost. We purchased almost all of our bathroom fixings and our patio furniture through them and LOVE. IT. ALL! This set is called the “Kingston” – fitting, eh? Last weekend we enjoyed the pool and even had a little BBQ for lunch on Sunday on this neat little Vital Gourmet GrillIMG_3531 IMG_3527 IMG_3529
IMG_0723That’s all for now!! This weekend the rest of the bathrooms are being installed and we have some clean up work to do! While Melanie is off to Newfoundland (JEALOUS) with the rest of our family.. I’ll be here floating in our pool, wishing it was the ocean…

Anchors aweigh!

Paint, Marble & More Progress


Ben and I just had a week off and got some serious progress done at the house! It’s slowly starting to look like a place that someone may actually want to live, wow! Here are some progress pictures!

Ceiling of our master bath shower installed! Can’t wait to see the rest of the walls go in after we paint! The shower is made by Kohler and we special ordered it through Lowes. It took almost two months to get it because a few of the parts got held up at the border. So order early if you are considering installing something similar!


Getting ready for paint I bought samples of both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore to decide which we liked best. After much debate and consultation with many others we are going with Benjamin Moore Regal in Eggshell, White Wisp OC-54. In the photo below it is the one of the left of the centre board. The boards on either side are samples of greens and blues I am looking at for the mudroom and my office, respectively (more on that later).
FullSizeRenderOnce we decided on Benjamin Moore I bought 4 other samples of various whites to compare White Wisp to. I wanted to make sure we definitely wanted it since the whole house is going to be painted that “colour”. If you live in Kingston, Kingston Paint has samples of all Benjamin Moore colours for $2.99/jar and they are mostly all pre-mixed so you can pop in and grab your samples in minutes. It’s worth the investment if you are unsure. After comparing we decided to stick with our original selection of White Wisp. I have been using the Houzz app a lot to research for the house, you can search a specific paint colour and see real life examples of those colours in real rooms to give you a look and feel.IMG_0462In the process of prepping our house for paint I salvaged these amazing light switch covers, why don’t they make anything this nice anymore? I’m going to spray paint them to clean them up before re-installing
IMG_0360I had to add this picture of Benny. He has been on this ongoing battle against a beaver that we have who continues to dam up our culvert and is causing some of our land to stay too wet for the hay to grow…. #biosteelIMG_0354Ben’s Uncle Jimmy has been kind enough to help us with the painting, so we have been using his sprayer. It’s amazing the quality, coverage and speed that this thing works at! If we had been ready for it we could have done the whole house in one day. The longest part of spraying is the preparation, had to plastic all of the windows and cover any floors & walls we don’t want painted. The house also has to be free of any dirt because the sprayer may blast the dirt off the floors and back onto the wet walls which you don’t want. We have been going behind the sprayer and rolling out the primer to get a more even finish. This week we start with our actual paint, which we will do the same way.IMG_0420The loft, post-primer.IMG_0408The old sunroom which will now be our dining room, used to be robins egg blue, now sprayed with primer. For primer, we went with Para Contracter Primer & Sealer (we needed this for all of our dry wall), we bought it in 5 gallon jugs from Lowes for $55.99 while they were having a 15% off when you spend over $300 dollars. We bought 5 jugs but only used 4. Because it was a cheaper paint we strained it with a paint strainer and it worked out perfectly!IMG_0457This is a panoramic view of our living room which had wood paneling, unfortunately we didn’t do our research and when we sprayed on the latex primer the stained colour from beneath started coming through.. thus why it looks slightly yellow. We went and talked to the paint experts and they told us to cover it with an oil based primer.IMG_0426Since the sprayer doesn’t work well with oil based paints, yesterday I rolled and hand painted the walls.. now they are white and ready to be “wisped”!IMG_0502In efforts to salvage the detailed and beauty of our main staircase I have been stripping them of paint and glue. I came across this great and very toxic product called Glue Buster which has been working like a charm! Here is the affect it has on the paint, which I then gently scrap to remove the paint and glue and expose the wood.IMG_0465Here is the staircase after my first round.. still lots to be done, but it’s coming along.IMG_0492Our masonry worker breaking a whole in the old cistern in our basement to make room for a wine cellar. *HAPPY*
IMG_0469Yesterday Ben & his brother started laying our tiling. We are doing a very similar marble in all three of our bathrooms. Here is the powder room, pre-grout. Our master is being done with this same tile but in a herringbone pattern (more on that later).And here is the guest bathroom pre-grout, these tiles are 12×12 iceberg marble.


That’s all the updates for now! This week after work we are painting and grouting, not sure how far we will get on anything else!

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